Youth orchestra gets a million bucks out of the blue

Youth orchestra gets a million bucks out of the blue


norman lebrecht

February 04, 2021

The Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, which provides after school music lessons and ensemble experience to students aged 6-14, has just received $1 million from the estate of Dr Ruth Rapoport.

A leading vaccinologist, Dr Rapoport died last year, aged 83.



  • BruceB says:

    What a lovely thing to do.

  • Rogerio says:

    You can’t deny it.
    American millionaires care for their people much better than millionaires in other countries.

    • Rogerio says:

      On a related note:
      You can read here on SD how “Germany just threw money at the arts”.
      Shame on you Germany. And shame on your millionaires.

    • Elizabeth Owen says:

      Don’t forget the tax breaks they get, making it worth their while to “support” the arts.

      • Rogerio says:

        They get what?!
        My world is crumbling here Liz.
        Say you’re spreading a conspiracy theory!
        If I can’t believe in my American millionaires, how can I believe in anything moving foeward?

      • drummerman says:

        Nobody gives to the arts because they get a tax break. Take it from a guy who raises money for the arts for a living. If you are so wealthy that you have to worry about tax breaks, there are plenty of loopholes in America’s tax laws to give you lots of breaks. Let’s assume that Dr. Rapoport gave from the heart.

      • Lynne Feffer says:

        Our cousin, Dr. Rappaport, died last April and left the money in her will to the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra. She was not, nor did she live, like a millionaire. So, no tax breaks. She just loved music and wanted to support the arts.

  • Fred Van Doren says:


  • Larry W says:

    Great news and well deserved. Thank you, Dr. Rapoport! The PYO Music Institute serves students age 6 – 21, including Tune Up Philly, that provides after school music lessons and ensemble performance experience to students ages 6-14 in under-resourced communities throughout the Philadelphia area.

    I played in the PYO under the direction of Joseph Primavera, who had the extraordinary distinction of being the longest-serving active conductor of any orchestra in the world. A violist in the Philadelphia Orchestra, his passion for music left an indelible impression, inspiring countless students including future professional musicians.

    • drummerman says:

      Well said!

    • PYO woodwind player says:

      I did too, played under Primavera in late 80s early 90s as a woodwind section leader until I was 21 years old. Two world tours, live broadcast concerts on the old WFLN, playing in the Union League and even televised concerts from Wanamaker’s iconic eagle/organ location on (I think it was) channel 17.

      Primavera was tough and he made me tough, a great musician and someone who loved music from his core. I still remember on rehearsal where he went on a little bender about the magic of Brahms and seemed on the verge of tears.