Watch cellist play the Swan in the Nashville snow

Watch cellist play the Swan in the Nashville snow


norman lebrecht

February 21, 2021

Meet Nicholas Gold.

Not one of your pampered cellists.


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Nick tells Slipped Disc: I originally was thinking I’d just send the video to a few friends and family and it would be funny because I was wild enough to bring a cello out into a snowstorm.  But it totally morphed into something else.  I amused myself when I said “Peg Slip” in the middle.  I didn’t realize the sense of peace that would be conveyed through the performance and video.  It’s by no means perfect playing… I haven’t played that cello in years. It was just a cheap instrument that I bought for $850.


  • The View from America says:

    How about this for daring cello playing — in Antarctica:

  • Helen Wynn says:

    Just so lovely. Took my Ipad in to my sick brother’s room to give him a lift. He once played the cello. We need more of this. Please go to New York and join their arts in the streets program! Thank you and aloha from sunny Hawaii