Watch cellist play the Swan in the Nashville snow

Meet Nicholas Gold.

Not one of your pampered cellists.


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Nick tells Slipped Disc: I originally was thinking I’d just send the video to a few friends and family and it would be funny because I was wild enough to bring a cello out into a snowstorm.  But it totally morphed into something else.  I amused myself when I said “Peg Slip” in the middle.  I didn’t realize the sense of peace that would be conveyed through the performance and video.  It’s by no means perfect playing… I haven’t played that cello in years. It was just a cheap instrument that I bought for $850.

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  • Just so lovely. Took my Ipad in to my sick brother’s room to give him a lift. He once played the cello. We need more of this. Please go to New York and join their arts in the streets program! Thank you and aloha from sunny Hawaii

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