Have you seen this killer quartet? You must

Have you seen this killer quartet? You must


norman lebrecht

February 14, 2021

If you haven’t seen them, you must.

So Deutsch Humor it’s almost Dutch.



  • batonbaton says:

    A good joke for 3’24”, but can they sustain it for a whole evening, night after night? Only then will I take them seriously.

  • Pianofortissimo says:

    The pianist could play 4-hands with igor Levit. He would not sound so sad then.


  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Yeah well very clever for five minutes.

  • Jean says:

    When will DG make a recording deal with them …?

  • Christopher Columbus says:

    OMG! Are you guys suffering from an acute attack of snobbery. This is really fun. Kids would love this. But hey, no, let’s keep classical music for ‘real’ people who know what it is really about – no sharing with the younger generations.

  • sibelius says:

    They also do quite a lot of serious stuff too!
    And they come from Hamburg which is erroneously believed to be a rather staid city business and trade.

  • La plus belle voix says:

    About as entertaining as an appointment with the proctologist.

    • Le Křenek du jour says:

      Should your proctologist ever succeed in extricating your couvre-col from your derrière, you may want to reconsider your assessment.

  • Alexander T says:

    Vee haff meanz of making you laugh, ja.

  • Brian Bell says:

    Yes, classical music has benefited greatly over the years from the likes of Gerard Hoffnung, Peter Schikele (aka PDQ Bach) and my all-time favorite, Victor Borge. There are lots of videos on him (check out his 80th birthday in Copenhagen with Petri), here is one from the 1950s at the White House:

  • Jim says:

    Almost descended into a catgut fight for a moment there

  • Clarrieu says:

    The French string quartet “Le Quatuor” has been doing this kind of stuff for ages… Don’t know if they still exist though.

  • Patricia says:

    Do they play real music or do they just lark about?

  • Violin Accordion says:

    Typo : Slut Salon