That Dido just keeps complaining

That Dido just keeps complaining


norman lebrecht

February 19, 2021

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  • craig says:

    wow….what a voice and what an extremely grim and gripping video interpretation. Thanks Slippedisc !!!

  • Emil says:

    Simply stunning, both musically and visually.

  • Former David Letterman Fan says:

    So, that was beautiful, innovative, artistically significant, epoch-making, thought-provoking, and basically the best we have to offer—right?

  • Anonymous Bosch says:

    As a title card at the end says:

    If you love Radiohead and Händel, you will love this:

    The (superb) baritone is young James Newby, and I will do the math for you for the inevitable question after watching this:

    54 seconds

  • Mecky Messer says:

    The biggest failure of this artform since the passing of Bernstein has been this lazy thought that visuals would make 300 year old music relevant for anybody than the same old farts that would otherwise listen to it.

    Its been 30-40 years of failure after failure, yet like a stubborn dog hitting their head against the wall the “industry” (if you can call a bunch of airhead former musicians-turned-executive wannabe’s an “industry”) keeps on insisting on promoting the latest barbie dolls, kens or jumping onto the latest fad (e.g. Diversity, music “videos”) with no shame or even trying to be original. Why would yong audiences reject these nerds pretending to be cool, one wonders…

    Disgraceful, distasteful and intellectually inferior.

    At least reggaeton musicians come up with new lyrics, even if they use 5 words for it.

  • Marfisa says:

    Two great mottoes, for all musicians, from OAE
    “To celebrate the enduring power of music, whatever the age.”
    “If music is good, it’s good regardless of its genre.”

  • Alexander T says:

    Gimmicky video, very average singing.
    Seriously folks: look no further than Dame Janet Baker if you want to hear a real performance.