Swiss sign UK conductor for life

The Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, known as the world’s worst managed orchestra, has signed an open-ended contract with its British principal conductor Jonathan Nott.

‘The relationship between Jonathan Nott and his orchestra is so strong that we have not indicated an end date of the collaboration,’ says Steve Roger, the OSR’s current director general.

Given that the OSR changes its administrator every couple of years, non-ending contract may not mean forever. But it sounds good.

Nott, 58, became music and artistic director in January 2017. He also has an orchestra in Japan.


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  • Nott’s Mahler recordings from Bamberg are far better than the neglect from critics – even British critics – would indicate. I realize that’s at least partly to do with the glut of Mahler recordings, but I wonder just how much Nott is being overlooked in general. Perhaps if had recorded a Franz Schmidt or Ives cycle instead, people might have paid more attention.

  • Does the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande still play in Victoria Hall, where all those greet Ansermet recordings were made?

  • The place I see Orchestre de la Suisse Romande described as the worst-managed in the world is on Slipped Disc. It may well be that, but somehow I have this hunch that there are indeed orchestras out there which have worse management.

  • The OSR is a very fine orchestra. The „worst managed“ denotation doesn‘t reflect the quality of its sound and great tradition. Nott, a wonderful Maestro, deserves the orchestra and the orchestra deserves Nott, and this is an excellent combination. The great expectations are entirely justified.

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