Salzburg scrambles 4 Easter concerts

Salzburg scrambles 4 Easter concerts


norman lebrecht

February 02, 2021

While the opera has been cancelled due to Covid, Christian Thielemann plans to conduct three concerts with the Dresden Staatskapelle and Antonio Pappano a fourth. Once of the concerts will be a gala with the Netrebkos.

The programme in overview

April 2: Choral Concert: Christian Thielemann and the Staatskapelle Dresden will open the Salzburg Easter Festival on Good Friday with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem in d minor (K. 626). The Bachchor Salzburg will sing alongside the soloists Golda Schultz, Szilvia Vörös, Sebastian Kohlhepp and Alexander Tsymbalyuk.

April 3: Orchestral Concert Thielemann: Denis Matsuev, one of the most in-demand pianists of his generation, will play Edvard Grieg’s Piano A minor Concerto. The same concert, under the baton of Christian Thielemann, will include Ludwig van Beethoven’s Eroica.

April 4: Orchestral Concert Pappano: On Easter Sunday, the Easter Festival will welcome Sir Antonio Pappano to the podium of the Staatskapelle. He will conduct Robert Schumann’s Symphony No. 2 in C major. Hilary Hahn will play Mozart’s A-major Violin Concerto.

April 5: Gala Concert: The Easter Festival will close on Easter Monday with a Gala Concert featuring Anna Netrebko, Golda Schultz and Yusif Eyvazov, who were supposed to sing in Puccini’s Turandot. They will be joined by the Staatskapelle Dresden, once more under the baton of Christian Thielemann.


    • Tamino says:

      Really, Yusif Eyvazov? That disgusting war monger and ultra nationalist? I hope Armenians buy tickets and throw lots of foul eggs onto the stage. He should not be invited by any serious musical institution. Shame on the Easter Festival. Just to get Netrebko? What a circus, not to be taken serious musically. File under: doing something for tourism in Salzburg.

  • Nijinsky says:

    “Scrambles.” Where? Oh, and you can tell my love Joshua Bell, I have a violin for him where it won’t wear out his muscles, and he won’t have to cringe in order to get his beautiful long fingers in place…..

  • John says:

    Thielemann is the greatest conductor alive and the greatest conductor since the death of Furtwängler.

  • MJA says:

    It’s good to see that they are still trying to do something in the face of this blight, and that forecasts of certain cancellation were unduly pessimistic. I wish them well and hope nothing happens to make the events unviable.

  • JussiB says:

    I scrambled 3 eggs this morning and made myself a Salz-burger.

  • Brian L says:

    Again the Netrebkos?!? Why?
    This can only mean that most of the people working in opera today are either deaf either stupid… Or both!

  • Classical Music Aficionado says:

    Pappano did the 2nd with his orchestra last year in Paris. Certainly the best I’ll ever hear that symphony live in my lifetime. Tied for best concert of the season with Mariss/BRSO.
    As to Thielemann, he IS indeed great. People on here really have no ears or taste. Recent Bruckner 8 album is amazing

    • Tristan says:

      can’t agree more and glad you didn’t mention the overrated Rattle – you forgot Petrenko!
      Thielemann in his repertoire hardly to top

  • Gustavo says:

    Egomaniacal Corona-party animals seem to like using Austria as a platform to spread their message.

  • Player says:

    Are these concerts open to the public, or just for streaming?

  • Pedro says:

    Salzburg must be congratulated. After an uniquely successful Summer Festival last year, they will manage to present concerts next Easter. I hope to be able to go there in August.

  • Gregory Mowery says:

    I find it childishly disrespectful to refer to Anna Netrebko and her husband, Yusif Ayvazov as “The Netrebkos”. Worse, you’re including Golda Schulz, who is particpatig in this concert, and she’s simply not a Netrebko. Ayvazov has more than proven his legtimacy as a world-class tenor.