Rioters attack Barcelona hall during a concert

Scherzo reports that the Palau de la Música Catalana de Barcelona was stoned last night by protesters angry at the arrest of a rapper. Windows were smashed.

There was a concert being given by the violinist Lina Tur Bonet and the group Vespres d’Arnadi. Nearly three hundred concert goers had to shelter inside the building until the rioters were dispersed.

More here.



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  • Spain is a very interesting type of “democracy”.

    It has a King who flees the country to avoid dealing with proven corruption scandals but if you “speak bad about the crown” you go to Jail.

    Very interesting indeed. Much democratic. Very justice. So freedom.

  • The report also states that the Palau de la Música Catalana de Barcelona had been party to a statement, shortly after the rapper’s arrest, calling for his release.

    Leaving aside the royal issue, would institutions do this if he glorified racial or gender discrimination rather than terrorism?

  • This is really starting to be amazing, are we going to have the lost remnant of the Napolean family jump in and head the Black lives matter movement!? Soon coming to you during Viennese Tea Time, black liver, black tonsil, black lungs, and black heart, all for sale from Africa, brought to you by NASA and the investigation into Black Lives Matter that seems to be related to black holes, Dark (or Black) Matter and star gates!

    Is such form of transplanting other people’s concerns going to stop!?

    Because it can stop, since it did begin, if it hadn’t started it wouldn’t stop, would it?

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