Pope to locked-down musicians: Don’t despair, just listen

Pope to locked-down musicians: Don’t despair, just listen


norman lebrecht

February 04, 2021

Pope Francis today sent a message of hope to a conference on sacred music.

He said: ‘We know … that since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, activity in the musical field has been greatly reduced…

‘My thoughts are with all those who have been affected: the musicians who have seen their lives and professions disrupted by the demands of distancing; those who have lost their jobs and social contact; those who have had to face, in difficult contexts, the necessary moments of training, education and community life. Many have dedicated significant efforts to continue to offer a musical service endowed with new creativity.’

He went on to say: ‘A good musician knows the value of silence, the value of the pause. The alternation between sound and silence is fruitful and allows for listening, which plays a fundamental role in every dialogue.

‘Dear musicians, the common challenge is to listen to each other.’



  • Alviano says:

    What an irrelevant old fart.

  • John Borstlap says:

    The pope seems to be a fan of John Cage.

  • Petros LInardos says:

    “Dear musicians, the common challenge is to listen to each other.”
    That sentence could have come from Claudio Abbado.

  • JussiB says:

    He’s better than the last Pope John Paul II who was the patron saint of child molesters.

  • IP says:

    A better title for this particular picture: Politician to locked-down lawyers.

  • Patrick McGoohan says:

    Can we relocate him back to Avignon?

  • Exasperated says:

    Maybe he could consider opening the coffers of the richest institution in world to help them, rather than just offering sanctimonious comfort…

  • Maria says:

    Wise words from one of the best popes we have ever had, and respected across all faiths and none. His recent book is lovely, and he is a great music-lover. No one has to agree with him but Francis like many others in this world are a force for good.

  • Christopher Clift says:

    These are lovely words and sentiments, but unfortunately they do not pay the mortgage, feed the family, or (in some countries) pay medical bills

  • Novagerio says:

    Contemplation and prayers do sadly not pay our bills (!) Thanks anyway Padre Bergoglio!…