Netrebko does promo for Peter Gelb

Netrebko does promo for Peter Gelb


norman lebrecht

February 03, 2021

There’s a paid-for Met concert from Vienna that she’s performing this Saturday and Gelb needs to sell tickets. But he has a four-minute preamble before he let Netrebko open her mouth. When she does, it’s just promo.

Meanwhile, the orchestra and chorus of the Met have gone eleven months without pay.


  • MET FAN says:

    despicable. #Gelbmustgo

  • againstbigotry says:

    What I will say is particularly depressing is that Netrebko is literally presenting the same program she’s been doing for months, even years. Whatever one’s thoughts on the labor issues are right now, I appreciated how all the other artists on this program have devised special programs that, even if they presented their standard rep, did so in an overall new program. That Netrebko can’t be bothered just seems like a lazy middle finger.

  • Gustavo says:

    While Tonhalle Zurich with Paavo manage to make actual music.

  • M McAlpine says:

    Oh well, gives you another chance to have a go at Gelb and Nebs so why the complaints?

  • yolo_gme says:

    the righteous only care about 2 things:
    – give in to the socialist union’s demands
    – cancel evil gelb

  • NotToneDeaf says:

    This is absolutely the appropriate forum for Gelb to bring up the issues with the orchestra and chorus. He definitely should have engaged Netrebko in an in-depth dialogue concerning the Met’s financial issues because that would have been extremely helpful and informative. Gelb has destroyed the Met, the careers of everyone who’s ever worked at the Met, and all of American culture. Not only should he be fired, but he should be censored by the US Senate, be water-boarded, and he and his family should be stripped of their US citizenship.

  • cara259 says:

    Shame on stupid Anna Netrebko.
    Is she not even this realising?
    No orchestra-no sound!
    Why are the rich famous artists still showing solidarity to a traitor like Peter Gelb?
    Do the just need money/attention?
    Why they are not showing more solidarity with the people they need a voice?

    • S. Montreaux says:

      Opera is a narrow field with narrow-minded people running things. Gelb’s daddy was big at the NYT and is a multi-millionaire still running the most prestigious game in North America. That’s all there is to it!

      Most people only know 2 things about opera anyway when asked since the 90’s in the USA.

      1 They know of the Met in NY and absolutely NOTHING further beyond a couple of Sopranos and Tenors.

      2 Opera singers they envision are fat, screechy caricatures who are generally poor unless they are icons. They’ve seen them used as pejoratives so far as in movies, cartoons and in jokes.

      For those lefty partisan hacks about Norm’s pages, Democrats share “ignorance EQUITY” as they are ensconced in pop and rap…music. So much for the “college educated” label Libs love to trot out when not living off welfare so they can riot.

      Oh, by the way cara259 the people who still “need a voice” are all of the jobless Opera SINGERS!!!!!!!

      Singers dying by suicide is a huge issue which pains me every time I lose a friend or read about a colleague. We need to either get back to work or the extra help Opera houses and orchestras are already benefiting from. Too many singers are dying with no compassion from anybody. At least Jonas said something recently. No news stations, papers or blogs have reported on our plight and virtually no resources have been offered.

      I turned to computer engineering and walked out on opera because of their refusal to help me and my talented colleagues. Too many funerals and excuses by the likes of Gelb and the industry!

  • JussiB says:

    According to the Met, they can always hire new musicians and workers, but not in-demand big name soloists. People pay $$$ to hear big name opera singers they don’t care who’s playing in the pit.

  • Freddy Dominguez says:

    I wonder if Gelb slithers into an empty Met at night and plays the Titanic soundtrack really loud.

    That interview would have been really insightful if Yusif had video-bombed.

  • Peter B says:

    It’s really incredible that Netrebko says NO WORD about the Met orchestra and chorus, no feelings, just that she has been succesful in finding gigs while others (every employee at the Met) were left with no income at all!! It’s disgusting, this woman should be boycotted by the orchestra if she steps on that stage again – would only show her the same disrespect she is now showing to them… just stop playing while she is on stage, as she can do without them, no?
    Shameful that nobody is showing support for their fellow colleagues, they only think of their personal well-being and how to move from one multi-million dollar appartment to another… while other starve.
    These 2 people are disgusting and they deserve each other – one has ruined the Met (since some years already, before the pandemic) and the other one has ruined the real values of opera singing. She was great when she had her breakthrough in Traviata in Salzburg, 2005 (not too long ago), but she has gradually ruined her voice since then and sounds wobbly and off-pitch in everything. Not to mention her “leading tenor” husband – he would have sung in a provincial chorus if meritrocracy still mattered today.

  • Tom Phillips says:

    One can hardly expect much of a social conscience from a fervent Putin worshipper and supporter of the devastation he has wreaked in Ukraine. Of course her husband is even worse.

  • The Usual says:

    Come on now!! They have been using each other for years!!!!!

  • Thin Lips Sink Ships says:

    I had no idea Anna was singing Wagner now. This duet with Alberich is fantastic! Bravo

  • Barry Guerrero says:

    Oh dear, perhaps Gelb should have stuck to . . . well, Gelbing! In short, not a great interview.

  • horbus rohebian says:

    Peter Gelb or “Geld’? A money man for sure.