National Theatre chief resigns amid #Metoo wave

National Theatre chief resigns amid #Metoo wave


norman lebrecht

February 17, 2021

The artistic director of the National Theatre of Greece, Dimitris Lignadis, has left his post amid what he calls ‘a toxic climate of rumors… without even an official accusation.’

Lignadis, 56, submitted his resignation to the culture minister last weekend.

Athens has seen a spate of claims of sexual harrassment across sports and arts, but Lignadis has not been cited in any instance.



  • Karl says:

    So now it’s ‘believe all women’ even if they haven’t said anything? All men are guilty even if they haven’t been accused of anything?

    • V.Lind says:

      Aren’t you blaming women for not saying anything? I’m not saying anything about any man — what am I to blame for?

    • Emil says:

      I’m sorry – no one said anything, he resigns, and somehow it’s the women’s fault (whoever they are)? It’s their fault for saying what they’re not saying? Or is it their fault for not saying what they’re saying? No one said anything, and it’s their fault?
      Just to clarify, if a man resigns because no one said anything, you’ll still find someone else to blame for saying what they didn’t say?

  • Karl says:

    Finally someone has said something.

    “According to reports, Lignadis is accused of rape by two men who were minors when the alleged events occurred in 2010 and 2015. He has denied any wrongdoing.”

    I still say innocent until proven guilty. There have been many high profile cases that were false allegations going back as far as McMartin.