Martha Argerich – live tonight

Martha Argerich – live tonight


norman lebrecht

February 19, 2021

Martha is playing Ravel with the Hamburg Symphony at 6pm UK time tonight, 1pm New York.

Watch free live stream here.



  • MTC says:

    Fantastic! We love Martha now even more than ever!

  • GD says:

    If you’re an Argerich fan and haven’t seen the film that profiles her by her daughter, well, you should. It’s called “Bloody daughter: Martha Argerich as seen by her daughter Stéphanie”. Not sure where it streams. Amazon Prime in the U.S.

  • Herr Doktor says:

    THANK YOU, NORMAN for letting us know about this concert. It’s been wonderful so far, and has really lifted my spirits. (I’m writing this at the intermission.) And the best is yet to come…MARTHA!!!!

  • Listener says:

    She is playing fantastic and it is a privilege to have such an artist on stage in the current times! However, the sound is horrifying! Almost no definition of any orchestra instrument (some woodwind solos are just inaudible) and a ton of reverb. Who is doing this transmission?

    • John Dalkas says:

      Totally agree: murky, lifeless sound probably due to using too many microphones causing phase problems that kill dynamics and clarity. A known problem; less is more.

  • E says:

    Very glad that you led the way to this. It was amazing to watch and to hear….
    Thank you, once again!

  • Leo Doherty says:

    Very good show by Hamburg, really enjoyed it.

  • Nijinsky says:

    Life would not be the same without Martha’s Prokofiev 1st and the Ravel!

  • Semra Bahcivan says:

    Thank you you for informing to us.