Leipzig clears out its opera team

Leipzig clears out its opera team


norman lebrecht

February 28, 2021

The incoming intendant of Oper Leipzig, Tobias Wolff, wants nothing to do with the ancien regime.

He has named the undervalued Kapellmeister Christoph Gedschold as music director and is bringing in Cornelia Preissinger as opera director and deputy artistic director and Marlene Hahn as head dramaturg.

The new team does not start work until August 2022.

Until them Wolff is head of the Handel festival in Göttingen.


  • AngloGerman says:

    Terrible appointment if he doesn’t agree with the absolutely fantastic work that Oper Leipzig has done in the recent past, particularly in the promotion of the German Romantic repertoire. Let us hope they don’t programme more Handel…

  • urania says:

    He might have a difficult path to go and it is not next year yet. As long as art is acting like the last feudal domain in society we deserve the crisis. Why him? He never had any contact with a major opera house, this goes for his team as well. But he did work in media at Leipzig in the beginning.