Label news: DG signs Korean

South Korea has the highest classical sales of any country in the world, running at above 20 percent of the total record market.

DG has just added violinist Bomsori Kim, 31, to its roster.


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  • Re: the photo – I LOVE that the name on the backdrop with the largest typeface and the most central position is Herbert von Karajan.

  • Signed on for intrinsic, substantial reasons or commercial nous? I appreciate her sensitive playing, though wary that she’d be dropped in a few years as seen in the fates of so many others. Hope I am wrong.

  • Pavarotti, Bartoli, Keith Jarrett…! DG adorns itself with borrowed plumes. This new Managemenet is all about perception. Clearly smart artists who are about building a recording career understood that these guys are not into keeping legacy alive but just into promoting label brand and themselves so these Streitsache all signed up either at Warner, Alpha or Sony. Hope these tasteless people get promoted to a different division soon. Stay out of the holy DG heritage!!

    • You are a little bite tough. I’am agree with the fact that DG made too much about marketing in the past and today but they had contracts in the past without excess of marketing with Jarvi father, Chung Guilini or Pollini and they produced marvelous records. But yes I prefere way to act of Decca and Warner.

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