Just in: 70% of shielding UK musicians will not play until vaccinated

Just in: 70% of shielding UK musicians will not play until vaccinated


norman lebrecht

February 16, 2021

Joint research by the Musicians’ Union and The Ivors Academy in the UK suggests that 70% of musicians, songwriters and composers who are shielding do not feel they can return to work until they are vaccinated.

Almost all respondents (95%) felt the Government lacked a clear plan on how to get them back safely to work.

The survey organisers do not reveal how many musicians took part.

As of last night, the UK had vaccinated 15.3 millon people, a quarter of the population. Of these 539,630 have now had a second jab.


  • I cannot believe 70% of UK musicians want to commit suicide; I really thought they would be more awake than that!

    • Robert Roy says:

      What is your evidence that taking the vaccination is tantamount to ‘committing suicide?’

      • BruceB says:

        Clearly. Because nearly everyone who has been vaccinated has died immediately after the second dose (myself included). The-Deep-Dark-Shadowy-World-Government-That-Secretly-Runs-Everything is covering it up.

        (Unless maybe he meant that refusing to work until you are vaccinated is professional suicide…?)

      • Symphony musician says:

        Hayne, thank you for revealing yourself as a purveyor of dodgy, sloppy, sensationalist ‘journalism’. There is the odd fact in that article, but it’s so uneven and unreliable that nobody should take anything of value from it, especially not the assertion that the mortality rate is 0.2% or even lower. Anyone presenting a figure like that is irresponsible in the extreme not to present it with a bucket load of caveats.

        • Hayne says:

          What are you talking about? The WHO reported that statistic. Please refute ANY of the other four questions of that “dodgy, sloppy, sensationalist” article.
          I’m not telling anyone to not take the “vaccine.” I am saying for people to do their own research and make up their own minds. Why is that such a bad thing to you?

  • Jim says:

    People in the shielded (or clinically extremely vulnerable) category should be in the process of being vaccinated now or by the end of April, way ahead of when live performances with audiences are likely to resume. So I don’t really see a story here

  • Stephen David Maddock says:

    Thanks Norman. Your headline should probably say ‘70% of musicians who are shielding’ – I have no idea what proportion of musicians have in fact been shielding since last March, but those with the most serious conditions (Group 4) should have received their first vaccine as of yesterday’s deadline. People with less serious conditions (Group 6) should get theirs in the next few weeks.

  • Nijinsky says:

    I thought it was twice 58 DIVIDED by Seven!? (percent)

  • Nijinsky says:

    Sorry that was twice 58plusone, the total of THAT divided by Seven and you get everything but 3 going on and two wons. I guess that no one is waltzing for pay’n the forest.

  • Fred Funk says:

    Most orchestras prefer 300%, or more shielding between them and the violas. This doesn’t change anything.

  • phil newton says:


  • Ashu says:

    [The survey organisers do not reveal how many musicians took part.]

    Sounds like this one might have. No hesitancy here about drugs and needles.


  • Sharon says:

    Although we know that the vaccines are safe for most people we still do not know how effective they really are, and, if they are effective, for how long. Like the flu vaccine, we may end up having to take a new one every year to deal with new mutating strains of the coronavirus or because the antibodies that the vaccines create are only effective for a certain period of time.

    In the United State I understand that all the vaccines are authorized on an emergency basis but that none have yet to be approved as truly effective.