Germany throws another billion euros at the arts

The federal culture minister Monika Grütters today secured an extra billion Euros in arts relief to cover the second Covid lockdown.

She calls it ‘an important sign’- but it is less than the 1.5 billion she saked for.


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  • Speaking on behalf of many who still haven’t received their November support, I wish she wouldn’t make these ‘important signs’ before having come through on her last offer.

        • Oh you brainwashed people… The stealing happens earlier, when some fat cats keep all the profits of a mutual production for themselves. It‘s the systemic error in capitalism. Not that communism is any better, just reversing the error. But our democracies currently are in grave danger, because the disparity between rich and poor, with the middle class inbetween shrinking, is getting bigger, destabilizing and radicalizing our societies.

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