Free stream of the day: Mirga auditions in Stockholm

Free stream of the day: Mirga auditions in Stockholm


norman lebrecht

February 24, 2021

Tomorrow at 11.15. Click here.



  • Stockholmlover says:

    If Mirga is that great as a conductor, why would she
    ”audition” to any orchestra? There are many good conductors but not many great ones. Orchestras will fight for the best. Is Mirga one of them?

    • RW2013 says:

      Indeed, especially since the RSPO writes that “her performances are described as electrifying”.

    • Ellingtonia says:

      Perhaps Mirga has a more enlightened modern view of conducting in that she does not assume that her reputation means she automatically qualified for a senior conducting role. As such, she is prepared to put herself in front of the orchestra (audition, which she effectively did for the CBSO job)) and let them make their own minds up about her talent and ability. Having heard her twice in Mahler 2 and 8 (with the CBSO) I have no doubt she is an exceptional talent and will bring such a lot to whichever orchestra she goes to.

  • Pianofortissimo says:

    Maybe Mirga is not sure that the orchestra keeps to her quality standars (it’s not a joke).

  • Allen says:

    Will it be a blind audition?

  • Alexander T says:

    A female Simon Rattle.

  • MacroV says:

    Are they in the market for a new director? Or is this just a gig?

    • BruceB says:

      I suspect it’s another one of “those” headlines. She’s announced that she’s leaving her job, and so every guest-conducting gig must be an audition, regardless of whether the orchestra is looking for someone or whether the person has even expressed interest in finding another music directorship. (As I recall, NL’s original posting quoted her as saying she wanted to step away from the responsibilities of being a music director.)

      And of course, orchestras evaluate guest conductors all the time, with an eye to whether someone should go on the short list of candidates if/when their conductor leaves. Thus any guest-conducting gig could be construed as an audition, whether the conductor or orchestra is actively searching or not.

      • V.Lind says:

        Absolutely. And the more often they are invited, the more the orchestra is considering them. And checking personal as well as musical compatibility. I saw one terrific conductor, well-established and who had lots of options, who played with an orchestra I know quite often — they were sizing each other up; he was looking at the city and checking it out as a place he would like to be for much of the year, etc.

        One powerful orchestra member didn’t like him, and it was all off. There was a wistful feeling for a while about “the one that got away,” though of course someone equally good eventually came on board.

        Probably all’s well that ends well — nobody suffered or was embarrassed. A potential conflict, which could have been divisive, was averted. But I would say every time a conductor gets on a podium away from where he/she has his/her house, it’s an audition. To be filed.

  • CarlD says:

    This posted raised more questions than it answers, as intended perhaps? My guess is Norman is suggesting there may be an opening in Stockholm in which she might be interested at some point. Or not …

  • Gabrielle Stuff t says:

    She is auditioning the orchestra

  • Rafał says:

    If the Stockholm orchestra fails the exam, the next to audition will be the Berlin Philharmonic 🙂

  • Stephen Owades says:

    There’s more to the fit between an orchestra and its Music Director than just the “quality” of each. There’s also “chemistry,” an intangible phenomenon that must be present for the relationship to be productive and long-lasting. An orchestra that hires a Music Director, or even a regular guest conductor, without testing out that chemistry is risking potential disaster.

  • Flabber says:

    That is some bad conducting. I only watched some of the concerto and it was all over the place. So many spots not together, not only pno vs orchestra, but orchestra ( that sounds pretty rough) itself between sections. Overly ornate yet amazingly ineffective conducting. Annoyingly hyperactive, forced grimaces, unnecessarily large gestures. Just awful.

    • Stockholmlover says:

      Flabber! What is wrong with you? One of the most talented conductors of our time and you find her awful… whom do you like? Furthwängler, Böhm, Kleiber, Abbado…? They are all dead! Please tell us your list of conductors!!