End of the road for Budapest Spring Festival

The independent Hungarian site Fidelio reports that the future of the Budapest Spring Festival is doubtful. The Hungarian government has refused to renew the current contract for the organization of the festival with the municipality of Budapest. The contract expired in December.

This comes after Gergely Karácsony, prominent figure of the Hungarian opposition became mayor of Budapest. The Hungarian ruling party, Fidesz is leading a Kulturkampf for years against artists who don’t support their politics.

Budapest stands to lose a 40-year-old cultural fixture.

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    • True. And yet so many seem so keen to adopt it because they feel threatened by the twin evils of “diversity” and “socialism.”

  • Hungary has become (again) a fascist state. The last rays of hope such as Ivan Fischer et al are removed and leaving the state in the hands of predators. It us is inconceivable that this country is part of the EU.

    • The opposition, hopelessly fractured for years, is pulling itself together, and the next few election cycles just might provide some rays of hope. Even a slight swing in its favor could deprive the ruling party of its parliamentary super-majority, which would be a vital step.

  • The government pours money into tourism enterprises, and then eliminates one of the best musical pilgrimage destinations. Unbelievable. The very definition of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

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