Breaking: Boris Berezovsky’s children are arrested in Moscow

Breaking: Boris Berezovsky’s children are arrested in Moscow


norman lebrecht

February 01, 2021

The pianist’s two children were seized yesterday in the street by Putin police even though they had no connection with the demonstrations.

Berezovksy’s wife, the violist Ellina Pak, has just posted this SOS message:

Друзья, передайте другим , как можно скорее. Вчера моего сына и дочь Эвелину прямо возле дома, они пошли в перекрёсток купить продукты он находится напротив дома через дорогу , омоновцы схватили их и без каких-либо извинений затолкали в авто Зак. Причем схватили их не там где была толпа митингующих, а на противоположной стороне, где никто и подумать не мог . Повезли их не в ближайшее отделение полиции а на другой конец Москвы в Ярославское МВД . Я приехала с Машей, она играла дневной концерт в Зарядье. И вот Адриана 4 разных следователя поочередно допросили записали с его слов , что он не причастен, что шел в магазин. а мы живём на красносельской. Вчера это был эпицентр. Оказалось позже , что среди бумаг где было написано что он не виновен , были подсунуть и другие ,и мы подписали . Короче их дали подписать Адриану, что он активный участник манифистации и что призывал и скандировали Путин вор итд. Эвелину допрашивали и ночью перевели в Лосиноостровское отделение МВД. Она плохо читает по-русски и они ей сказали вот документ, что ты не причастна, подпиши! Она подписала!!! Сейчас идёт суд . Что будет не знаю.
Предупредите своих друзей и знакомых что если они попадут в подобную ситуацию не подписывать никаких бумаг и на основании 51 статьи конституции без адвоката не давать никаких показаний!!! Я чувствую что попала во времена Сталина, и что этот беспредел полный!!! Забирают самых невинных и вменяют им вину.

Friends, pass on to others as soon as possible. My son and daughter yesterday right outside the house, they went to the intersection to buy groceries he is in front of the house across the road, the guards grabbed them and pushed them into Zach car without any apologies. And they were captured not where there was a crowd of protesters, but on the opposite side where no one could think. They were taken not to the nearest police station, but to the other end of Moscow to the Yaroslavl Ministry of Internal Affairs. I came with Masha, she played a day concert in Zaryadya. And so Adrian 4 different investigators were repeatedly questioned from his words that he was not involved in going to the store. and we live on Krasnoselskaya. Yesterday it was epicenter. It turned out later that among the papers where it was written that he was not guilty, others were slipped, and we signed. In short, they were given to sign Adriana that he is an active participant in the manifestation and that Putin was called and chanted by a thief, etc. Evelina was interrogated and transferred to the Losinoostrovsky branch of the Interior Ministry at night. She doesn’t read Russian well and they told her that you were not involved, sign it! She signed!!! Now the court is coming. I don’t know what.
Warn your friends and acquaintances that if they are in such a situation not to sign any papers and on the basis of article 51 of the constitution without a lawyer to testify!!! I feel like I’m in Stalin’s time and that this lawlessness is complete!!! They take it away the most innocent and sane them guilt.


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UPDATE: Daughter is released with fine


  • steveb says:

    I appreciate love of country, the desire to live in one’s native language, and being close to family and longstanding friends, but I cannot truly understand why artists of Berezovsky’s calibre, who surely could live anywhere they want, staying in Russia under Putin. But I am not a brave person. If it were me and I could, I’d have left. I hope all this is the beginning of the end of the Putin (et al.) regime.

    • Herbie G says:

      Now they are arresting children too. Welcome to the Fourth Reich. Have you heard the deafening silence as the UN, the EU and, I am sad to say, President Biden sit on their hands? Is there any clear water between Putin and his buddy Trump? What is Boris doing about this – other than just saying it’s pretty rotten. What about Starmer?

    • Akutagawa says:

      Нет, и не под чуждым небосводом,
      И не под защитой чуждых крыл, —
      Я была тогда с моим народом,
      Там, где мой народ, к несчастью, был.

      Not under foreign skies
      Nor under foreign wings protected –
      I shared all this with my own people
      There, where misfortune had abandoned us.

      Anna Akhmatova, Requiem

      • Brettermeier says:

        My Russian is far from being perfect, but I think the translation get’s a bit too creative towards the end. The first two lines here are okay(ish).

        Next two lines:

        I was there with my people,
        There, where my people, unfortunately, were.

      • Brettermeier says:

        … the translation get[]s…

        Not my native language either, so suck it up 😉

  • Curvy Honk Glove says:

    Hopefully, the Biden administration is taking notes. The constant noise and stupidity from all the trumptards here in the US needs to be addressed. The insurrection must be stopped!

  • Brian says:

    We haven’t heard from Valery Gergiev or Anna Netrebko in a while. Will they stand by Putin in this moment? Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    • Herr Doktor says:

      They’ll give some humanitarian performances in prison to cheer up the prisoners.

    • Le Křenek du jour says:

      >”We haven’t heard from Valery Gergiev or Anna Netrebko in a while.”

      Freedom’s just another word
      For nothin’ left to lose
      …and those two stand to lose plenty.
      (Surely nobody took “Sempre libera” at face value?)

      But when the tide changes, as it must, Mademoiselle Netrebko and Maestro Gergiev will plead the time-honoured defense that they just stuck around to prevent worse (“um Schlimmeres zu verhindern”, as the broken record goes in the original German) and that they were actually secret dissidents, opponents, nay: résistants.

    • Horbus Rohebian says:

      Nor Matsuev who, with Gergiev flies the Putin flag.

  • william osborne says:

    It’s time for Putin to go.

  • JussiB says:

    Maybe President Biden will invade Russia and bring Democracy to the oppressed Russian people like we did in Iraq.