An American Carmen dies of Covid-19

An American Carmen dies of Covid-19


norman lebrecht

February 08, 2021

Friends have reported the death of Anita Terzian Titus, a Juilliard-trained mezzo who performed major roles internationally and in multiple US companies. Anita appeared at Buenos Aires, Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg, Liège, Geneva, Wexford and Athens.

She was a fervent supporter of the Armenian cause in the recent war with Azerbaijan.

Anita died on January 20 of Covid-19, her family confirms.

Born in Teheran to Russian and Armenian refugees, she won the Munich ARD competition in 1971 and went on to a fine career.


  • Jack_Ewing says:

    RIP great Anita

  • OMG. Another one of my dearest friends and colleagues gone to eine bessere Welt. I am in shock.

  • JussiB says:

    I didn’t know Juilliard has an opera department.
    Ideally, young opera singers (and conductors) should apprentice and hone their craft at a European provincial repertory house, not at a music conservatory.

    • Juilliard has an excellent opera department, turning out some really great opera singers like Neil Schicoff, to name one of many. Juilliard’s vocal department offers master classes with the greatest singers in the world when they are in New York. Callas and Pavarotti, etc. Anita was fest in Munich’s wonderful Gaertnerplatz Theatre for many years, and from there went on to many important European houses. She returned to the US in 1982 to make her NYCO opera debut as Carmen at the invitation of Beverly Sills. By the way, there are excellent craft honing opera programs in the US,i.e. the MET, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. etc. etc. Since the floodgates of Eastern Europe opened to the West, and the singers are willing to work more for less money, they are currently preferred. The old days are gone. And honestly, American singers receive superior training, especially in languages, learned at our conservatories and music schools.

  • Marina Manukian says:

    So very sad to see Anita Terzian passed away. She was an accomplished mezzo, an outstanding musician and an avid supporter of opera music & musicians. She was also an outstanding activist in keeping Armenian music, art & culture alive. She will be greatly missed

  • Rebecca Roberts says:

    I just felt led today to Google Anita (after decades!), and was so sad to learn she had recently passed away. We sang together in Strasbourg for 2 years, lived in the same apartment building, and spent so many evenings cooking and drinking amazing Alsatian wines while listening to Callas recordings. I called her “Spitfire”! She will be sorely missed! I pray her family and friends find comfort and blessings in their wonderful memories of Anita and their time with her. I know I will. God bless you, “Spitfire”!
    Rebecca Roberts