A third maestro jumps

A third maestro jumps


norman lebrecht

February 03, 2021

It must be something in the February air: three maestros have changed their agents in the first two days of the month.

The latest is Emmanuel Villaume, music director of Dallas Opera, who has switched to AskonasHolt. This is his third move in a year. Last February he ill-advisedly dumped NY agency Opus3 for England’s HazardChase, which promptly went bust.


  • pridout says:

    Just a small correction. Looking at the Askonas Holt website they only signed Emmanuel Villaume for opera.

  • Colin says:

    Why do you call nearly all conductors “Maestros”. Most of them are reasonably competent but far from the dictionary definition of “A maestro is an artistic master: someone who is skilled enough to be considered an artistic genius.”

    • Micaela Bonetti says:

      I fully agree with your definition of who a Maestro is. (capital”M”)
      Now it could be that this term is here used as Italians still use it: maestro (small “m”) concertatore e direttore d’orchestra.