World premiere of the first Covid symphony

The South Dakota Symphony willgive the first performance this Saturday of a Covid-reflective work titled Already Yesterday or Still Tomorrow.

It’s by the New York-based journalist and composer, Frank J Oteri.

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  • Not the first. The Wuhan Philharmonic presented Ye Zou’s choral symphony “To 2020” which had its world premiere at the Beijing Music Festival in October.

  • Unlike many people, I want to escape the world through the arts, and not be reminded of the sick ugly PC world we live in.

    • Just how is a work reflective of COVID “PC”? To politicize the pandemic, as right-wingers often do for some reason, is a really shockingly stupid thing to do.

  • “Social Distancing,” by OZNO (James Boznos) has already been performed several times in Hong Kong. It’s an outstanding work.

  • I thought Leif Segerstam was first off the mark on a COVID symphony, last year. Admittedly, it was a very brief work, if I recall correctly. Will Oteri’s work be available for streaming at some point?

  • Dear mr. Oteri, we all suffer in these difficult times. In a couple of weeks, after the vaccination, hair dressers will reopen!

    • Making fun of people’s looks – how hilarious and witty. I didn’t realize 12-year-olds were interested in this site.

  • over 400 classical compositions with the word corona in the title. Time to resuscitate some of them.
    Let’s start with ‘ Corona Carminum Sacrorum’ by Arthur Lourie (1892-1966)

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