Two musicians held under Putin house arrest

Two musicians held under Putin house arrest


norman lebrecht

January 31, 2021

Police in Moscow have placed Dr. Anastasia Vasilyeva of the Alliance of Doctors and Maria Alekhina of the Pussy Riot punk collective under house arrest as protests continue against Vladimir Putin’s regime. Both musicians are supporters of the jailed Alexei Navalny.

We reported on Friday that Dr Vasilyeva greeted the police in her apartment with an impromptu Beethoven recital. Watch here.



  • Roman says:

    Calling Alekhina a “musician” is a bit of exaggeration. Don’t get me wrong: I like protest against Putin and I actually liked Pussy Riot performances. It was bright, new, unusual in a good sense of this word. After they were released from prison they founded “MediaZona” – an Internet media that covers mostly social issues in Russia related to prisons and oppression system. So I have a great respect for her work.

    Just don’t call her a musician. I doubt if she is even able to play simples scales or if she knows what “semiquaver” is.

    • John Vandevert says:

      Hey! Shove off. Everyone is a musician, especially playing repertoire such as Beethoven. He was the people’s musician.

  • José Bergher says:

    Lovely boy, this Putin, a veteran of the infamous KGB…

  • Music fan says:

    And yet Putin has his share of supporters among the Classical music community (and not just in Russia) because he’s seen as “supporting the arts”. What utter tosh! Putin is using the arts to bring prestige to himself, just as despots have done for centuries.

  • Herbie G says:

    Just over a month ago, the three most powerful nations in the world were ruled by vicious megalomaniacs. Now its down to two. The Russian people are awakening to the fact that they are ruled by an exponent of chemical warfare and brutality at home and abroad against people who are innocent of any wrongdoing other than excercising their democratic rights of opposing this barbaric hooligan. I hope and pray that they will soon be able to mete out the same treatment to him as the courageous Romanians did to that other arch-murderer Caecescu.

  • Tamino says:

    Sometimes there are stories that have no good guys on any side…
    Isn’t that Navalny that guy who is a fierce Russian nationalist and racist, and who is financed with millions from dubious western “private” foundations, namely the Soros foundation, because their logic is: “Our enemy’s enemy is our useful idiot”? The usual way the US does international “politics”.

  • Hayne says:

    Nord Stream-2 is all you need to know.

  • JussiB says:

    you mean Anastasia is a real doctor ‘doctor’ who plays the piano?