Toronto violin teacher is charged with child sexual assault

Ontario Police Police have charged a music teacher with sexual assault on a girl who was eight years old when the alleged attacks began. They continued for eight years.

The teacher was named as Angus Wong, 48, of Markham, Ontario, in the Toronto area.

Police are appealing for any other victims to come forward.

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    • I’m one of his students, Been his student for over 10 years. He has a wife and lives happily with her. I don’t think he has a chance of committing any crime or any Motive behind.

    • F*&k off. Seriously. If your desire was to make pedophilia and the exploitation of a child a joke, and a bad racist one at that, go back to your cave you knuckle dragging basic ass b*&tch.

  • The accused should have the right to anonymity in these types of cases. This guy’s life is over now even if he is innocent. People should look up the McMartin preschool case debacle and watch the documentary ‘Capturing the Friedmans’.

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