This week’s mounting toll of Covid music deaths

This week’s mounting toll of Covid music deaths


norman lebrecht

January 24, 2021

The losses just keep rising.

177 Music producer Phil Spector, 81

178 Reggae musician Jayme Mejia

179 St Petersburg director Boris Grachevsky, 72

180 Broadway theatre chief Philip J. Smith, 89

181 Singer, activist Suzanne Ruley, 52

182 Moscow director Roman Viktyuk, 84

183 Romanian TV music producer, Luminita Constantinescu

184 London jazzman Keith Nichols, 75

185 US soprano Marcella Reale, 90

186 Alabama musician Marc Phillips, in his 60s

187 Alabama piano teacher Leslye Ames, 49

188 Saxophonist Winfield Parker, 78


189 Choreographer Juan Carlos Copes, 89

190 Singer Jimmie Rodgers (‘Kisses Sweeter Than Wine’), 87

Previous week’s losses here.




  • Are these proven CCP virus deaths, or just natural deaths that are sad enough?

  • Michael says:

    Sorry but around 250,000 die from respiratory illness a year in the states. Another 440,000 die by medical error according to John Hopkins. How do we know this isn’t just A. a good time to die. B. another illness that makes money for the hospital if you cal lit Covid.C. They caught something nasty in the hospital or had their lungs blown out by idiot Doctors panicking. The USA is highly corrupt, I should know, I live here.

    • Sharon says:

      Are you sure of the statistics? I was under the impression that only around 60000 a year in the US died from regular influenza and that under 200000 died from clinical errors. Admittedly the figures I provided are too high and in the US if one has more expensive health insurance one is more likely to stay alive

  • Doc Martin says:

    In Memoriam.

    Give them eternal rest, Lord
    and let perpetual light shine upon them.

    Jean Richafort – 6 part Requiem
    Huelgas Ensemble, Paul van Nevel

  • engineers huh says:

    Hi wowka.

    All the stats are conflated and exaggerated by the media, as you will notice the vast majority of those who died are over 70, often with other poor health conditions, while rates of obesity related to bad diet, in the western world (particularly UK and USA) have risen to record levels.

    – as much as 45% of the population fitting into this bracket.

    The entire media has been coordinated into a false narrative of a deadly illness which is no worse than a bad year of flu, of which there have been very many over the last 3 decades, and without showing the clear link between low vitamin D/zinc levels and the higher risks of serious symptoms.

    “eg. 2018 – The UK is experiencing its worst flu season since 2011, according to figures.”

    Asian flu began in southern China and spread around the world in 1957-58.
    Up to four million deaths have been attributed to this outbreak…

    The Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968-69 also began in southern China and led to a similar number of deaths worldwide – though in the UK the number was higher than for Asian flu, totalling around 80,000. (where btw the UK ethnic mix was far different from today…)

    Sars-Covid 19 now over 2 seasons…..88000 – hardly any different was it?