The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (294): Comfort waltz

New on Youtube from Yo-Yo Ma.

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  • It appears that Ma has been stranded for years somewhere along the Silk Road or somewhere in Appalachia. Flat tire, out of gas, blisters? Can’t tell. Someday we may get a GPS signal but I hear reception is really poor or nonexistent in those far off lands.

  • Why is Yo Yo Ma doing this? You know, scratching out, with half-ass effort, tunes for a nickel, in these inconsequential performances.

    Already, back in the 90s, he was criticized for “bumming”, you now, artistically lazy meandering, Silk road here, Bobby McFerrin there (wtf was THAT about?), cause du jour everywhere…

    Unlike a fine wine, he has, alas, not improved with age.

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