Exclusive: Tasmin Little has sold her Guadagnini

The international virtuoso set the seal on her performing career this week by finalising the private sale of her 1757 Guadagnini.

No further details are being made public.

Tasmin, 55, is moving into bradcasting with three hourlong programmes for BBC Radio 3 and other plans in the pipeline.

She’ll do well.


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  • I had tickets booked for two of her concerts last year which both sadly fell victim to Covid. Really gutted that I did not see her perform in her last year. A lovely artist and person. Good luck with the future, Tasmin.

    • I’m rather surprised that someone voted my comment down as I thought it was pretty uncontroversial. Was it the ‘lovely artist and person’ bit that caused offence – it was a reference to her personality and nothing at all to do with looks or sexist remarks. No offence or sexism intended.

      • This site provides two valuable services: information about the music world and an outlet through which angry people can vent. Perhaps you can take solace in the possibility that in furnishing a target for nonsensical down votes you have provided an alternative for rage that could otherwise have been aimed at real-world victims.

    • Again I am reminded of a wise old saying I once read on a bumper sticker:

      “Just because you have one doesn’t mean you have to be one.”

      Congratulations though.

    • I reckon Tasmin will be just as big an asset to broadcasting as she has been to violin playing and performing in general.

  • Hear hear. She has played and recorded many works that are ‘off the beaten track’ rather than yet more versions of the well-known popular war-horses. Her ‘retirement’ came as a shock to me as she’s still young (next to Ivry Gitlis, for example, who was still active virtually up to his recent death at 98!).
    On the other hand, many great musicians have had multiple retirements so I hope that this is only the first of many – and in any case, I do look forward to more recordings. A really inspired violinist – best wishes to her.

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