Revealed: Inside President Putin’s gold-plated concert hall

Alexei Navalny’s video exposé of Vladimir Putin’s private palace reveals a lavish concert hall.

With a stage too small to accommodate more than a dozen musicians

The video has been watched by more than 40 million people. Navalny, who is in jail, has called Putin a ‘crazed emperor’.

Take your seats.


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  • Trump will seek asylum in Russia after his conviction for incitement to insurrection, tax fraud, election fraud, rape, among the less serious charges against him.

  • I’m at the 50-minute mark of the video, and it is stunning. Kudos to Navalny for his courage challenging the monster. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s difficult to imagine how Navalny remains alive. Putin will kill him one way or another. I’m sure Putin believes that while some people will agitate once that happens, it will all blow over sooner rather than later and things will go back to business as usual before not long. Let’s hope this is NOT how it plays out. Navalny is one very courageous man.

  • This stunning documentary would have been the number one news story in the world had it not been released on the day of a US inauguration. I watched it all, and it is truly incredible. I don’t know much about Navalny, but his telephone sting of his would-be assassins a few weeks ago, followed by this detailed, well-researched, impeccably tabulated humiliation of Putin suggest to me he has a massive set of testicles. A pity the Russian oligarchy generally has been so enabled by western institutions and governments. I always wonder if any Chelsea FC player has ever asked himself where his salary comes from? While we’re on the subject of autocrats, could I please recommend this extraordinary film by Brian Fogel (director of Academy Award winning “Icarus”), “The Dissident”. It is another stunning research-and-reveal piece about the death of Jamal Kashoggi. Even though Brian won his Oscar with Netflix, they refused to touch this movie, so deep are they in the pockets of the Saudis. That, in itself, is worth another film. It’s available on numerous VOD platforms.

  • A serf theatre – just to keep up with the tradition of private theatres owned by Russian aristocrats in the time of serfdom. Yet, I was surprised there’s no throne room in the palace.

  • Apparently those who consider this decorated hall to be an outlandish and outrageous perk exclusively for the use of Putin have never seen a Moscow metro station.

  • No one should be surprised by the contents of this film. I recommend “Galina”, the biography of Galina Vishnevskaya as a bit of “light” reading! Putin is just following in his predecessors footsteps.

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