Pittsburgh Symphony mourns assistant concertmaster

Pittsburgh Symphony mourns assistant concertmaster


norman lebrecht

January 21, 2021

The musicians have messaged the loss of their recently retired assistant concertmaster, Hong-Guang Jia.

Discovered by Yehudi Menuhin on a visit to China in 1979 and taken back to study with him in Gstaad, Hong-Guang Jia became assistant concertmaster in Montreal under Charles Dutoit, moving on to the same position in Baltimore until Lorin Maazel hired him in Pittsburgh.


  • Tigran Shiganyan says:

    Dear Mr. Jia.
    We will miss you !!!

  • Hayne says:

    Just retired. That’s so sad.

  • Noah Bendix-Balgley says:

    A wonderful colleague and musician. Hong Guang was a warm and kind man. Gone too early. Rest In Peace.

  • Erina Goldwasser says:

    He was a wonderful colleague. Deeply appreciative of his family and his luck in life, with a sense of humor I will miss very much. Best wishes, Hong Guang. You were a rare treasure.

  • Nijinsky says:

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  • Nijinsky says:

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