Pavarotti duettist dies, 69

Pavarotti duettist dies, 69


norman lebrecht

January 02, 2021

The Hollywood voice coach David Romano who duetted with Luciano Pavarotti in the 1982 MGM film Yes, Giorgio has died of heart disease at 69.

An important teacher of Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman, he sang on several opera stages and acted in Phantom of the Opera.



  • Greg Bottini says:

    “Yes, Giorgio” – what a howling dog of a movie.
    It is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen, and that’s saying a lot.

  • Nijinsky says:

    Dipinge nel prato (paints in the meadow). There’s four nice little squares for you there sir, behind what’s going on with your mouth.

  • May Mr. Romano rest in peace. Here’s to a life of accomplishment!

    For some, this “dog” of a movie was the start to being introduced to opera.

    • Greg Bottini says:

      Nathan: are you effing kidding?
      Allow me to quote to you a couple of excerpts from this cinematic crapola’s entry on Wikipedia:
      “Pavarotti was nominated by the Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Actor and Worst New Star as well as a nominee for Worst Screenplay for Norman Steinberg.”
      “The film was a box-office bomb, losing an estimated $45 million.”
      In light of these statements, do you actually think that any even halfway reasonable person would believe that this simply AWFUL movie was “for some ….the start to being introduced to opera”????
      Are you seriously suggesting that this stinker encouraged some small fraction of the few who actually saw it (die-hard Pav fans, if almost no one else) to run out and get opera tickets or to buy a record of an opera or to even listen to opera on the radio????

  • Nijinsky says:

    NORMAN! And WHY about this man again. It’s dangerous, him and his whole mafia, his gang, his imposters, his managers, his recordings, all of it, as if he’s trying to insult Italy once again with this behavior, all of his lies, and deceits. WHAT HE DOES!? is like saying the world is flat again, in order to get people who finally go off there, believing they can escape from everything else they’ve been told and lied to about, that they can drop off of the edge, only to find they’re still within reach of such lies, such ineptitude, and such corruption!

  • Nijinsky says:

    and might i add that he sings badly. truly badly. not good. sounds like a wind bag in heat.

  • Nijinsky says:

    But why oh why a man that looks like he’s been so stuffed full of everything else but where his heart is comes blasting in thanks to the jet propulsion of what’s released, again.

    Like that Werewolf creature from Harry S’potter, who (is that a spelling!?) when he sees the moon, which is the scariest thing he can think of, no thanks to Juliet. And howling. And then expecting poor Charles Dickens to answer to all of that, which I’ve done anyhow, putting a wand on the kids mind, thanks to the whole street having flapping containers for refuges. Which actually now are part of Hansel and Gretel, because of the bags they don’t take, but end up out of training, consequently. Never make it to the recycling stations, those poor flapping things. I guess that Witch gets out of it which ever way it works for her, no…. Hmmmmm: wichever…..

    And the wand should bring the goose back to life the Cratchits get every Christmas once again, which only “one” person being “Harry” enough can accomplish……

    Is being vegetarian outlawed for Christmas now? I mean there are other “dumb” laws, like why you can’t throw an octopus during a hockey game in Detroit, the rink isn’t hot enough to bring THEM back to life, either.

    • Trace says:

      BOY,….Nijinsky,….Take It Easy, Dude,…Who are YOU Pissed at,…Probably,….Like Many of us Who ARE Frustrated about Our Country’s Deaths, Divisions,…Etc.
      But Jeez, you’re taking it out on A Man with An Awesome, & God-Given Talent!?! Seriously?! Who are YOU?!?
      BTW,…Wishing a HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO YOU,….You’ll NEED it with Your Attitude!!

  • God bless those who lift their voice in song.