A Paris Conservatoire is hit by teenaged Covid cluster

This Paris Conservatoire has stopped classes since Monday after many students tested positive for Covid-19.

Its director Xavier Delette says: ‘I was alerted on Sunday to a large number of students testing positive for Covid-19. On Monday, we had an emergency meeting with the city of Paris and the regional health agency, after which it was decided to shut the establishment for a week.

‘It was the best decision. We had 35 cases, mainly … 14-15 year-olds.’

More here.


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  • It’s worth noting you’re talking about the “Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris”, attached to the town, and not what we would call in short “le Conservatoire de Paris”, which is the historical national institution known as CNSMDP. Even if the former moved three decades ago into the legendary (renovated) building of the latter, on 14 Rue de Madrid, as seen on the picture.

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