Name the maestros behind the mask

1 La Scala, today:


UNMASKED: It’s Carlo Boccadoro, among Italy’s foremost contemporary composers.

2 Somewhere in America

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  • My Italian fly on the wall told me that it was actually one of the ushers, who saw his chance at a rehearsel with everybody masked, and jumped on the rostrum when the conductor was late. Seeing so many productions with the conductor beating a simple Italian regular time, he thought he could do that as well, and in fact nobody complained. When the (masked) conductor finally arrived, staff thought he was an intruder and locked him up in the broom cupboard. After an excellent rehearsel, the consternation was great, as one can imagine.

  • Andris Nelsons is the only conductor I know who seems to take his own wooden rostrum everywhere he conducts.

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