Mirga in her own words

In case you hadn’t seen this last year.


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    • The fact that you compared her to another woman, when you had so many other comparison points, is purely coincidental. You are not an old rancorous misogynist and angry patriarch. Oh no … Those don’t exist anymore, their phallic times are over.

  • Mirga, come to save us and rid has of this old lascivious satyr. East of the Mississippi, north of the 38th parallel, west of the Appalachians.

  • Enjoyed this. She seemed to have a good rapport with some of the musicians here. Too bad their US tour was called off last October.

      • Certainly not. That’s why she’s a respected colleague and professional. Everyone is working towards a common goal of music-making. The era of conductors as dictators ended a half-century ago.

        • Great comment, but unfortunately way too optimistic. Look no further than Chicago to find a man who is the poster child (literally) for conductors as dictators.

    • Excessive marketing can eventually backfire. This seems to be the case with Mirga within the SD bubble.

  • Broke the cardinal rule. Speaks far too much. Forgets that many of the musicians (especially the older ones!) will have played this dozens of times, with much better conductors. Grandmother and sucking eggs springs to mind, but younger conductors never understand this. No respect, nor trust.

    • How overrated is Mirga in the real world?

      She is 34, rising, getting plenty of hype (especially here), but her career is nothing like Dudamel’s in the last 10-15 years. Dudamel, who is only 5 years older, conducted both the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic before turning 30. If Mirga had any confirmed high profile guest engagement, it would have dominated SlippedDisc headlines.

      I am only discussing careers, not talent. If someone is overrated, it is reflected in their career.

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