Longer lockdown: No opera in German state before Easter

The state of Hesse has ordered theatres to stay shut until April.

That means no opera in Darmstadt, Kassel, Wiesbaden, Marburg and Gießen. The situation in Frankfurt is not yet clear.

Opera houses had been closed across Germany until the end of January. The Hesse edict is likely to be the first of many extensions as Covid infections soar across the country.

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  • You want a comment il give you one I don’t think the politics don’t care about anyone but themselves. Besides the fact who is going to pay our lose financialy.not them..

  • …as Covid infections soar…

    But how many actually fall ill? Practically no-one. The bullshit continues.

      • Wow. Do you also fear the New World Order? Do you meet every month on the full moon, and make an animal sacrifice? (With apologies to Charles Krauthammer.)

    • The 1,934, 784 decedents’ 9 million or so surviving family members (as of today) appreciate your comment about about their loved ones being no-one and bullshit. May you suffer the same fate.

      • Oh dear, you really haven’t understood, have you? In the meantime, 50 million have died of other things due to the blanket application of covid hysteria to the detriment of other existing ailments. The world population currently stands at 7.8 billion, so I’ll leave you to work out what percentage have been adversely affected by this bug. It’s a virus, the like of which we have many. Death is also, sadly, a part of life. We need to be more adult about our approach to it. Thanks for wishing me dead. For my part, I wish you a long and healthy life.

    • My wife’s best friend came down with the COVID virus a month ago. She was deathly sick for three weeks, but is recovering. So Anthony, you are talking out your ass.

      • I’m glad your wife’s friend is recovering. I have never denied that covid can be dangerous for some people. What I challenge is the extent of measures imposed on the populations of almost all countries in the light of a bug from which, statistically, you have a 99%+ chance of recovery. I also know people who have died of flu, but did we ever stop the planet for that?

        • There is no “right” way on how to handle this. Criticizing how countries are doing is useless as nobody really knows what they are doing but everyone is trying their best.

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