Just in: Covent Garden cancels Netrebko Tosca

With a national lockdown imminent from tonight, this statement was inevitable:

Due to London’s ongoing Tier 4 status, we must with sadness cancel all performances of Tosca – including the live stream – until the end of January.

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  • How long before the Glyndebourne season is postponed to be then cancelled completely? The protracted roll out of vaccines hardly allows for calculations as to what size of audience is likely, even assuming that lockdowns will not be with us for months yet to come to deny the vaccinated their pleasures. Houses that are attempting to keep going in much reduced circumstances are subject to Governmental decisions that, as with the ongoing deferment announcements from mainland Europe, do not give them a great deal of confidence to forward plan. Ironically, the companies who just closed down in the US might find that even autumn will be a little late this year.

    ROH were brave, or foolish, to believe that they could mount anything that would reach the stage and postponement until a date not yet known seems nothing more than wishful thinking in the present climate. The terrible thing is that hope is all we have at the moment and with each passing day that hope becomes ever more hopeless.

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