Ivan the Terrible descends on English country house

Ivan the Terrible descends on English country house


norman lebrecht

January 19, 2021

Grange Park Opera has found a new backer in the Romanoff Foundation.

From the press release:

The Romanoff Foundation is making an initial grant to support the live filming/streaming of Ivan the Terrible by Rimsky-Korsakov in the 2021 season (19 June – 14 July), making it accessible to those unable to attend in person.

In the lead up to the performances, the Foundation will also host a series of live and recorded events with the aim of increasing historical and cultural awareness of the reign of Ivan the Terrible and Russia’s relationship with the Tsar’s English contemporaries, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

Photo: Grange Park’s Don Carlo


  • John Borstlap says:

    Interesting that descendants of that family want to draw attention to their worst forefather.

    • Karol Jozef Lipinski says:

      Point taken, but whether we like it or not, history is history.

    • Zhanna says:

      Ivan The Terrible wasn’t a descendant of the Romanovs. He was from the Rurik dynasty. Nor was he the worst ruler. He was actually responsible for some very progressive reforms in the country (at least initially). The translation of his nickname is not really correct. Ivan Grozny means “Formidable” and “”Fearsome” in combination.

    • Stephen Gould says:

      Ivan’s connection was only by marriage