Idle in lockdown, a conductor digitises his scores

Idle in lockdown, a conductor digitises his scores


norman lebrecht

January 20, 2021

The Mannheim music director Boian Videnoff has founded a sheet music app called Enote.

What does it do?

Videnoff: Quick navigation by movements or bars, personalising the music size and notation style, quick jumps to Repeats, D.S., D.C. and Coda, transposing in other keys, looking up passages in the full score, automated annotations by rules – even having the device listen to your playing and turn the page in the right moment for you – all of these features come only with native digital scores. Enote gives you access to our digital sheet music library, and you can search it with filters and discover new repertoire….

More here.


  • JussiB says:

    Sounds like auto-pilot for lazy musicians.

  • Leopold Diesenberger says:

    Great idea. Except until I have seen and tested the software myself I consider it vaporware. It’s unfortunately not available currently: “You’ve been successfully added to our list of prospective testers. We’ve received thousands of applications and will be inviting new users into the Beta app in batches.”

  • Stamitz says:

    Mr Videnoff is absolutelly not the director of “Mannheim”. Mannheim has 2 public Orchestras (KKO and National Theater). This “Mannheimer Philharmoniker” is a pseudo-private orchestra that makes 4 concerts every year and abuses students who are paid with not much more than sandwich to play with. Lots of marketing, a couple of start soloists and nice videos but there it no way this orchestra can be defined as a “professional” orchestra.

    It would be nice to see the orchestras and professionals cited precisely.

    • Andreas B. says:


      “the Mannheim music directors” are:

      GMD Alexander Soddy, Nationaltheater

      Paul Meyer,
      Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester