Hilary Hahn does 100 pressups

Hilary Hahn does 100 pressups


norman lebrecht

January 05, 2021

The US violinist whose comeback from sabbatical was thwarted by Covid lockdown has embarked on another 100-day practice marathon.

2020 was a very challenging year for continuity. I need to build back, for my violin-muscle health and mental health. The reason is pretty simple: I feel the time has come.
This round of 100 days will carry into the spring. It will be my fourth 100 series. When I started the hashtag and project a few years ago, I invited people to do their own #100daysofpractice, for the process rather than the results. I’m so impressed that 536,000 posts have now been contributed. That speaks to the power of the practicing community. I’m glad that this space allows us to share the true experience. Practice is a universal project, though it often feels solitary. At the end of the day, it is the one sure thing that brings all musicians together in spirit.



  • Rogerio says:

    The practice of being unemployed is probably easier for Hillary than for most musicians right now. I am sure she has no problem conciliating her practice of Practicing with the practice of paying her bills.
    But for those who find inspiration in Hillary: Good Practicing!

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Thank you, dear Hilary, and good luck!

  • GeeBee says:

    Hilary is performing, her comeback from sabbatical is not 100% thwarted. I know she appeared with orchestras in Texas recently. It is wonderful that she also reaches out with posts like these. She is a class act and greatly appreciated by concedt goers, musicians and students.

  • Lingling Wannabe says:

    Go practice! Ling ling 40 hrs!

  • Nijinsky says:

    When numbers don’t count.

    By the way, Hilary Hahn is the reincarnation of the ONE person who sneaked in, ruined the whole art of violin making, took as many of the finest violins he could get his hands on, and altered them beyond repair for what now is the most helpful and quite popular and enlivening use of them, which is authentic music ensembles. Vuillaume. No one else thinks it’s basically tragic? Tragic that that one person, given the one violin Stradivari kept for his son even, who then was in love with Del Gesu, that it’s whole significance in a time already ripe for what could be revealed then has been lost till now? Then, when the violin was made, one needed to get away from such business, now is different, when Hilary herself is gay, I know WHO her wife is, I don’t know what other games she plays, but this is ridiculous, untimely, unfortunate, and another one of the most disturbing things I’ve encountered in “the business”. THEN someone would have to get away from such business! There was a good reason. And how many girls having such feelings would stop from killing themselves would ANYONE of the same caliber of Ms. Hahn dare to be honest. Or any of those other people of either sex. Giovanni was gay, and so it’s made out he died, same as Antonio’s first wife, who couldn’t deal with having children anymore, so went into a nunnery, where her first child ended up, I think. Or is it worse, that they both did cease to exist?


    The one violin kept for such a reason by Antonio himself is nick named “The Messiah,” because of how many copies Mr. Vuillaume made of it but no one saw it, itself. And so the art plummeted, and yet to this day is in extremely sad repair. not that I haven’t seen the person whose existence again is marred, by a “joke.”

    I seldom use the term reincarnation, because time would then be involved. But given the situation it’s in the past, and thus gone where it belonged in the first place, as if it could ever “begin”…..

    • ... says:

      What a load of nonsense someone’s sexuality had nothing to do with their art so what if she’s gay or straight it doesn’t matter welcome to the 21st century.

  • Nijinsky says:

    Another thing no one knows except her engagements with making a cult following. The person who won her competition for encores actually was the poor guy who had to put together, from scratch, the symphony concertante that Mozart had written, Sinfonia Concertante for Four Winds. And he could have had better things to do, as well, than step in so that someone else’s life doesn’t get wasted again, although there were so many in line.

    And Constanze presently is https://redschoolofmusic.com/instructors/paul-melcher/ who poisoned her husband.


  • Eric Rand says:

    IN CREDIBLE!!!! A concert violinist beings to PRACTICE AGAIN???? OOOO MMMMM FFFFFFFFF’ing GGGGGGG!!!


  • Janet Bratter (singer-songwriter/inventor says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Hilary.

  • John Lawrence says:

    I never practice, me.

  • Nijinsky says:

    Anyone who believes this utter nonsense I’ve been spouting is a sh’took! Which I’ve been too, so don’t worry about it….

    Of course He had to keep the art going, and did everything he could, whole schools, and a whole belonging to the world of instruments anyone could take apart, from all of the retirements he gave to Stradivari, Del Gesu, Menooti, Stradivinski, all of them.

    Utter utter complete nonsense that the art polumetted from Vuillaume.

    • Nijinsky says:

      I clearly was biding time here. My prior statement wasn’t at all inaccurate. Hilary Hahn was Vuillaume, and is majorly responsible for making out that that the violins now going up in price like a Nasa rocket are they way they are. Vuillaume replaced I don’t know how many bass bars, and got others in the habit. He didn’t at all design violins that would be MADE for a different type of string, needing a different bass bar. And thus the whole violin should have been constructed differently. But wasn’t. How many copies, like war reinactments got started? It’s terrible and that is a major MAJOR contribution to the plummeting of the art as to violin making. And she’s with IMG artists, and you just have to look at their history to see she’s in good company. And there’s a whole pile up of stuff she should have given respect to….