Happy news: Twoset violin are back

Happy news: Twoset violin are back


norman lebrecht

January 14, 2021

The boys from the Bach stuff, disrupted by a health crisis, have just released their comeback chat.


  • Jan Kaznowski says:

    Good to have the lads back !

  • E Rand says:

    well, now my life can go on!

    • Enid Coleslaw says:

      Hi Sue Sonata Form, Does posting comments under all those different names prevent you from being so tragically lonely? Perhaps if you weren’t such a horrendous bigot you might have actual human companionship.

  • BruceB says:

    Terrific news!

  • JussiB says:

    they probably make $millions from youtube and don’t need their orchestra jobs.

    • Bone says:

      This is the crux of it all, right? If they don’t go back to orchestra gigs then Mammon wins; if they continue to do YouTube and play orchestra, then maybe it is worth cutting them a little slack.

    • BruceB says:

      Orchestra jobs?

      From their website:
      “At the end of 2016, the duo gave up their spots in the Sydney and Queensland Symphony Orchestras and began hosting live classical comedy performances….”

    • Missy says:

      You obviously know nothing about TwoSet. Brett and Eddy decided to quit their job in orchestra 4 years ago, but it was neither for fame or money. They just had enough of the “regular” classical musician life and wanted something else, that included sharing their passion for classical and showing that it can be fun and interesting for everybody.
      For a long time, they really struggled financially. They’ve never had any sponsors or producers, had to resort to crowdfunding for their first world tour and reinvest most of the money they make. (For their next tour, live performances are planned in 38 cities, in 12 different countries, on 4 continents. Surprisingly, that costs A LOT…)
      They also have now a team of 10+ people to pay, bills, instruments to take care of, equipment to buy, etc… Until a few months ago, both of them still played on their first full-size violins from their pre-teen years because they couldn’t afford new ones !
      I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Yes, they manage to make a living, which is more than most classical musicians can say today because of the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean they’re filthy rich…

  • DG says:

    Glad they are back and Brett made it through what sounds like a scary time. My 11 year old loves their videos. Classical music is a big part of her interests, but I notice she shares TwoSet’s content with her friends who are not well-versed in music and many of them enjoy it too. Brett and Eddie are likely exposing more kids to classical music than we realize, and that’s always a good thing..

  • Fred Funk says:

    Violas!! GO PRACTICE!!!

  • Michael says:

    Well certainly glad to see you back Bret. But most importantly glad to see you back to good health.

  • Alexander Platt says:

    They seem like great goofy guys and I’m so happy they’re back to give us some badly-needed laughs.

  • William Safford says:

    A young relative of mine loves watching them and their videos.

  • JussiB says:

    Communist China not only dominates world economy today but also the arts.

    • Missy says:

      Neither Brett or Eddy are Chinese, mate.
      They were born in Taiwan, grew up in New Zealand and Australia, and now live in Singapore. (FYI none of these countries are communist…)