Greta Thunberg, 18: Please lay off my Mum

Greta Thunberg, 18: Please lay off my Mum


norman lebrecht

January 03, 2021

In an interview on her 18th birthday, the Swedish climate campaigner admits concern over attacks on her family.

Ms Thunberg also admitted to guilt over the pressures brought on her family – including death threats – through her three years in the public eye. She did not care what people said about her online, but “when it impacts the people around you then it becomes something else”.

Thunberg’s mother, the Swedish opera singer Malena Ernman, gave up her international career four years ago when her daughter persuaded her to stop taking flights. Malena, 50, withdrew from a New Year’s Day appearance on Swedish TV with a heavy cold.



  • RW2013 says:

    Happy birthday Greta!

    • Petros Linardos says:

      How can there be more thumbs down and thumbs up in a message that simply states “happy birthday” to a teenager? Can someone please explain what was wrong with that message?

      • Symphony musician says:

        The thumbs down are probably from one or two misanthropic individuals who keep pressing the thumbs down icon over and over.

        • Symphony musician says:


        • S says:

          To Petros Linardos and others wondering: I believe the thumbs down could be from readers who think that climate change is a hoax. (As I’m sure you know, many, many people can’t face the truth, so they cite examples from a small handful of debunked studies, which are then repeated and accepted as fact— proof of our Infodemic.) Or, they think Greta, who has devoted her life to raising awareness about climate change, is being “politically correct,” which, in their view, is one of the worst things a person can be. (Imagine trying to empathize with others! Oh, the horror!)

          The peril Greta’s generation faces is due to our behavior and inaction. Many people simply hate her for being a young woman whose voice has been heard, even if not heeded. Her appearance is completely irrelevant, but notice how many comment on her looks or her hair. (Powerful men can be hideous inside and out, but if you’re a woman in the public eye, you HAVE to be attractive!)

          In short, she is a strong, “nerdy” young woman who confronts us. Unfortunately, there are those who have difficulty accepting any challenge to their beliefs, let alone anything coming from a young woman. It’s a pity that so many are clearly triggered by a teenage girl who is as bright and capable as Greta. The truth hurts, and she doesn’t have the need or ability for nuance. For the haters, anger covers fear. That’s my read on this thread.

          • Karl says:

            No one is saying that climate change is a hoax. The hoax is the claim that humans can stop the climate from changing. We can’t. The climate has been changing from cold to warm and back again for billions of years and it will continue to do so no matter what we do.

          • S says:

            There you go, Karl, making my point for me.

            Yes, many people say it’s a hoax. You, Karl, being marginally brighter, don’t refute that climate change is real, but you insist it’s not our fault and there’s nothing we can do about it. This makes you seem less ignorant, but you’re really no different than the others who say it’s a hoax.

            Do a little more research instead of cherry picking only the bits that reinforce your current positions. Refusing to accept that humans are self-destructive is convenient for you, but devastating for the planet.

          • Charice says:

            “(Imagine trying to empathize with others! Oh, the horror!)” – S

            Your are capable and willing to empathize with either Republicans or Trump supporters then? No, the violent Left is too irrational and indoctrinated in the Democrat cult.

            Greta is an angry carnival sideshow used by leftists based on her sex, youth, immaturity and mental handicap making her a perfect pawn. Were she standing up for values on the right she’d be physically harmed and most commenters here would laugh and rant as she lay bleeding to death.

          • S says:

            Wrong, Charice. There is no “Democrat” cult, and no one is using Greta. No one laughs and rants here when someone is physically harmed and bleeding to death. Democrats are not violent. Get out of your bubble. We are all humans.

          • Francine says:

            You missed the following glaring highlights “s” along with your Norm-bots

            – Democrats formation of the KKK and the REPUBLICAN end to slavery by Lincoln.

            – Democrats sick use of ‘minorities’ only during elections then forgetting about them until their ‘label’ suits their agenda

            – Hillary’s defeat in 2016 and the self-absorbed, VIOLENT riots in the streets by the uneducated left.

            – ALL of the baseless #blm rioting during the pandemic which were “super-spreader events” that sickened most of those dolts without accomplishing a measurable outcome. They only burned, looted and murdered anything decent in their wake!

            – Greta is but a liberal puppet caricature. She’s a perfect target for them. Young, white, parents with some money for her to TRAVEL, leftist indoctrinated, narcissistic, fatalistic and perpetually angry. She needs a girlfriend to put a smile on her sour puss!

            – The Left is ALWAYS laughing at the right especially when they’re injured or murdered. ANTIFA, BLM, cnn, msnbc and the lot of mainstream filth insights and enjoys hating the right. It’s why the right doesn’t care about the left’s self-induced problems and leaves them to rot from within.

            – The inabilities of Democrats to coalesce behind what they screech about and reality. For instance, the ONLY candidates they truly wanted were female, trans, minority (the darker the better), young and obnoxious. They STILL ended up with…an elderly, wealthy, white, male who has dementia. He can’t even speak for himself needing prompters and handlers to “care for him”. He will be declared incompetent and mentally unfit under the constitution hopefully before he FALLS again.

            I could go on but either you, dd or safford will hysterically jump in soon before your next dosage of psyche drugs.

          • William Safford says:

            Francine, the KKK types just ransacked the U.S. Capitol and attacked the entire U.S. Congress and the Vice President of the United States. They were incited by the Orange Enemy of the People to sedition.

            Think twice before you invoke such scurrilous words in such a false and libelous way.

          • William Safford says:

            Let’s see, Charice.

            You want some people to empathize with other people who are right now preparing to violently riot tomorrow in Washington DC, when the duly-elected next President and Vice President are procedurally moved to the next Constitutional step towards their inauguration?

            You want people to empathize with supporters of the Orange Enemy of the People, who infamously said that when a literal Neo-Nazi murdered a woman in Charlottesville, VA, that there were good people on both sides?

            You want people to empathize with the supporters of the orange man who purposively separated immigrant children from their parents, and now cannot return them because they didn’t keep adequate records?

            You want people to empathize with the supporters of the orange man who so purposively mishandled the pandemic, that the blood of hundreds of thousands of people are on his hands, including three people I knew?

            You want people to empathize with the supporters of sedition, for their attempts to overthrow the duly-elected incoming President and Vice-President?

            I can go on and on.

            Now, here’s the funny thing: yes, we can. That makes us profoundly different from so many of the supporters of the Orange Enemy of the People and his minions and supporters.

            However, “empathize” is not the same as “support,” or “agree with,” or “validate,” or “allow them to run roughshod over the Constitution and our country.”

          • fact says:

            Your President is Donald J. Trump William.

          • Barb says:

            Not for long! Pretty soon, your “president” will be in jail!

          • William Safford says:

            To “Fact”:

            The Orange Enemy of the People occupies the office of the President of the United States for two more weeks.

            As I type this, his supporters have just breached the U.S. Capitol, forcing the evacuation of Congress.

            On January 20, 2021, he will cease being the President of the United States, irrespective of his unlawful and authoritarian right-wing supporters.

            Joseph Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. (Or, perhaps, the 47th, if the Orange One were to choose to resign between now and then, and if Vice President were to be sworn in as the 46th President for the last several days of the Orange One’s term.)

            The next question: how much longer will it be, from Jan. 20th onward, until the Orange One is either arrested or goes into exile. Time will tell.

          • fact says:

            You make my case for me in your usual overblown ranting.

            As a legal US citizen your President is Donald J. Trump William.

          • William Safford says:

            “Fact”: you make one trivial statement of fact: the Orange Enemy of the People occupies the Presidency until January 20, 2021.

            Unless, of course, he is either legally removed from office via the 25th Amendment, or impeachment and removal.

            Or resignation.

            In the meantime, he is derelict of duty, and worse. He poses a security risk to the country, and the world.

          • E. Patz says:

            Are you a legal citizen of the USA William?

            Investigation by Norman is in order then and likely more.

          • William Safford says:

            E. Patz: why do you support sedition?

            Are you a fascist E. Patz?

            Investigation by Norman is in order then and likely more.

          • Lori Y. says:

            Don’t worry about arrogant Lefty Troll bots like the LGBTQ S or Safford. They are both white supremacists. They just elected the ‘88 EDUCATION LIAR to the presidency. He’s nothing like their mirage base of diverse color and sexuality. His white privilege got him into office with no accomplishments anyone can name after over 3 decades at the public trough. Ask the other commenters as well to name 10 of Biden’s achievements or policies.

            Besides, they don’t need black people or minorities. Kamala and the others lost handily by their own party. She’s now clinging on to a white male for her usual support just like she had to in California.

            Can’t argue with FACTS!

          • Shane Knight Eptick says:

            I keep hoping that comments like the one from @Lori Y are actually automated Russian trolls. I am afraid they are not. There is actually a bigoted, ignorant, prejudiced, lying, right wing (and probably with fascist tendencies if not outright) individual. What is worst, I see the logical, intelligent, fair posts being downvoted in greater quantities than the idiotic right wing posts.
            And this is a classical music forum! And the problem is that it makes sense. Very often I see that these people use classical music as validation and expression of their white supremacism, racism and prejudice rather than an inclusive example of the best humanity has produced.

            Sad state of affairs.

          • William Safford says:

            Please tell us–what are the facts?

            Not your paranoid fantasies. Not your repetitions of the documented Lying Orange Enemy of the People.

            Please tell us facts.

          • Abe Levaille says:

            Exactly what or who are you referring to by “Orange Enemy of the People“?

            Hillary Clinton??

          • FKS says:

            “Abe”, you must have just come out from under the bridge. “Orange Enemy of the People” is your very own cult leader, you know, the one who uses a special brand of orange makeup and dislikes LED lights, because—as he said at a rally—they make him look orange. He’s orange, and he has been an odious human being for his entire life.

            Since you’re actually not new to this site, you ought to remember one of William’s other posts, where he explains his reasoning for using that title on your dear leader.

          • FKS says:

            “Mr. Levaille,” I’ll try this one more time. Read carefully.

            You need to stop obsessing about Hillary Clinton. It’s very unbecoming. No one can take you seriously as long as you continue with that.

            Pay attention to each word here: I’m NOT belittling her, or saying she’s “only a woman.” Understand this. I’m saying YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO STILL COMMENTS ABOUT HER ON THIS BLOG. You need to stop mentioning her, even if you can’t stop thinking about her.

            Your arguments amount to saying “I’m rubber and Hillary Clinton’s glue…” Same kind of projection as your leader. Whatever he was guilty of was the thing he was calling his adversary. He actually (inadvertently) confessed to a bunch of stuff we hadn’t even known about in that way.

            I’ll repeat: Every time you bring up the Democratic presidential candidate from 2016, you make yourself out to be either an idiot or a troll. You don’t want that, do you?

            Millions of people have an intense dislike of someone you think is the greatest. Rather than distract yourself with her, why not ask yourself why you can’t tolerate the fact that others don’t see the world as you do?

          • norman lebrecht says:

            You are using several aliases. Stick to one.

          • Helden Sopran says:

            Thank you Mr Lebrecht! as you know from my posting history, and my posts were fewer than 10 prior to this contretemps, I have never used another moniker since I decided to start commenting. In this sorry situation I thought I was an innocent bystander, simply reacting to what I considered anathema in any forum, namely “I don’t like your opinion so stop opining!”. So my indignation at this puerile attempt to silence the opposite side led me, unwisely as it is, to make that comment. And to my dismay, this who at this point can only be described as a “creature” has slandered me with the crime he/she is most guilty off!, namely using multiple identities!

            Thank you again for unmasking this horrendous behaviour! Your site is too interesting, and too full of valuable commenters to have it hijacked by this!

          • E. U. says:

            You need to start with the following aliases and enforce your own guidelines as each posts consistently uneducated, indecent, baseless claims Norman.

            William Safford

            Your acute over indulgence of William Safford to post highly offensive hate speech negates your own character which one assumes is dignified and of education. His multiple posts (which of course you endorse by your personal screening and publication) reveal his insecurities as well as egotistical fears. Safford, now S as well simply projects his failures onto each commenter he is compelled to disagree with. You’d be taken more seriously by the classical community by accepting that not everyone is as dim and passive as his alias in controlling the forum Norman. You’re better than this I should think.

          • William Safford says:

            E.U.: the problem is that you appear unable or unwilling to accept the truth, and fact-based discussions.

            That’s on you.

            Or are you just another sock puppet?

          • William Safford says:


            E.U. : Whoever is “S” is not me. In fact, that appears to be several people. It looks like one person is trolling another person, but that’s just a guess.

            NL can track who is and who is not using sock puppets. I am not one of these people.

            As for what I write: I call out not only falsehoods, but what often lies behind the belief systems of the holders of those falsehoods.

            Perhaps you should ask yourself why you view what I write using adjectives such as “hate,” when you seem to approve of actual hatred from others.

        • Shane Knight Eptick says:

          Misanthropic can be forgiven. Ignorance is not. They are ignorant individuals that choose to ignore scientific evidence in the name of right wing politics. The hate for a teenager is a reflection of their dark, dangerous personalities.

          Shane Knight

      • William Safford says:

        The problem, in the minds of certain people, is who she is and what she stands for.

        This is the comments area of Slipped Disc. It is filled with misanthropic individuals (to quote “Symphony Musician”), sexists, bigots, trolls, Trumpsters (but I repeat myself), and much more.

        Also, climate change deniers, COVID deniers, supporters of the subversion of U.S. democracy, spreaders of false and dangerous mis- and disinformation of all sorts, and much more.

        Ms. Thunberg is a climate change activist. This makes her persona non grata among the climate change deniers. Count the thumb’s down votes, figure out the ratio of thumb’s up to thumb’s down, and you get an idea of how many such commenters there are.

        You see this sort of thing in the comments on a regular basis.

      • Mary Zoeter says:

        I think this site is dominated by climate change deniers.

        • William Safford says:

          You did it again.

          You keep posting falsehoods, and we keep debunking them.

          “Over time, Zero Hedge expanded into non-financial analysis,[c] including conspiracy theories and fringe rhetoric[26] that has been associated with the US radical right[13][27] and a pro-Russian bias.” (Wikipedia, with citations)

          You keep using false and discredited sources to attempt to validate your world view.

          Please stop believing them. Please let go of the fact-free right wing bubble.

          • Bertrand says:

            “You keep using false and discredited sources to attempt to validate your world view.

            Please stop believing them. Please let go of the fact-free LEFT wing bubble.”

            Hillary Clinton’s klan invoked the baseless Russia narrative for the last four years to no avail. Hillary clearly lost and her violent left-wing extremists destroyed everything in their path. Dumb fucks!

          • S says:

            Hello. FYI, it’s 2021. You can use as many names as you want on your hundreds of posts. It’s very obvious that you’re just one person and the only one still bringing up Hillary Clinton.

            I know you’re angry about the election. You’re just going to have to find a way to live with it. Sorry. Your guy lost this time. It’s over, and there’s nothing you can do to change that, no matter how angry you get at me or any one else on the LEFT.

          • S says:

            You think Hillary is “only a woman”??

            You’ve got a valid argument there between her caustic ineptitude and inability to keep Bill SATISFIED.

          • Formerly known as S says:

            Troll. You’re as bad as the Perlman impersonator.

          • TP says:

            Who said “only a woman”? No one, except you.

          • William Safford says:

            You make my point for me.

            At this point in time, there is a competition for the narrative: facts vs. lies.

            I advocate for facts.

            You and many others, including Hayne, advocate for lies and liars.

            The details are much more complicated, but in essence it’s that simple.

            It should not be this way. It is unhealthy for large swaths of society to base their world views upon easily-disproved lies. But that is where we are right now.

            Climate change is an excellent example of this.

            A sincere discussion of how to address climate change should be what approaches work best to combat it. Perhaps a conservative would want the private sector to get involved. Perhaps a liberal would want the government to get involved. A viable approach might combine the two.

            Instead, we get lies from the right wing.

            There is an analogy to smoking.

            For decades, scientists and medical researchers built an increasingly-strong factual case that smoking causes lung cancer, emphysema, and causes and exacerbates other health issues.

            The tobacco companies, and their mostly right-wing supporters in the pockets of the tobacco companies, fought this tooth and nail. They claimed that smoking was safe and harmless, long after the facts had been determined to the contrary.

            They lied about the hazards of smoking.

            It was only the weight of lawsuits from all 50 U.S. states that broke down the wall of lies, and led to modest reform.

            Now, here’s an interesting detail: many of the same public relations firms that spread the lies denying the health risks of tobacco on behalf of tobacco companies, are the same ones who are now spreading the lies about climate change denialism on behalf of oil, coal, and petrochemical companies.

          • Hayne says:

            Wikipedia…heh heh heh ha ha hahahabwahaha!
            I told you that you can be funny! Kudos!

          • William Safford says:


            Your citations are spurious and worse.

      • Anna says:

        The behavior of this teenager. You do not see it? No kidding…

      • REAL Earth Lover says:

        We are exhausted by both her white privilege as well as the white male (of course) who created “Global Warming” which was debunked and manipulated to ingeminated “Climate Change”.

        Al Gore (a wealthy, white, male Democrat) created Global
        Warming after the failed Bill Clinton-Al Gore 2000 US Presidential election even after failing in the Supreme Court to successfully sue. He was bored and rode on the coattails of environmental science pandering to gullible leftists. He raked in hundreds of millions in marketing the obvious continuum of the earth (a planet or star if you will) with a hot core heating as all of the rest do and ultimately burning out one day. NOTHING of any measured value can abate the ultimate conclusion of the planet either burning out naturally or perhaps being absorbed by the sun in absorbed planetary succession over time or destroyed by a collision or swallowed up by another galaxy system, etc.

        Once Gore and the lot stop jetting about to meet and educate others (‘round the globe) WILLFULLY contributing to greenhouse gasses, living in multiple mansions consuming natural resources and buying up land BELONGING to the earth to develop and PROFIT off of, Greta and the other narcissistic SJWs will get some credibility.

        Until then, Greta and the lot need to take some high level finance courses to figure out cost-benefit analysis and budget structures predicated on affordability by LOW-INCOME locales first. Nobody talks about how they are conveniently left behind to wallow in unaffordable surroundings due to the high tax base these ideas contribute to! Limousine Liberals fly above them every day and would see them if they looked down from their polluting planes. Apparently those types of minorities aren’t attractive to Libs…

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Dear Greta,
    You are one of my heroes!
    Brave girl, please take care of your mom and have a Happy Birthday!

  • Eric says:

    As much as I sympathize with what she is doing I can’t help feeling that there is something “off” about her. On tv with the sound off I could be watching a Stephen King movie. And the Bund Deutscher Maedel braids don’t help either.

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    How sad and a comment on our mad world that there are people on this site clicking on the thumbs down icon. You should be ASHAMED of yourselves at least she has the guts to stand up and be counted not hide away under a nom de plume.

    • Helen says:

      Once again you come here, not to voice an alternative viewpoint or to offer some deep insight, but instead to wag your finger at other contributors. Virtue signalling on steroids.

      In 10/20 years’ time, this girl might stop to wonder where her childhood went, particularly if the predictions of doom have failed to materialise, as previous ones have failed to do. Her parents should take a long hard look at themselves.

      • MWnyc says:

        Helen says: “particularly if the predictions of doom have failed to materialise, as previous ones have failed to do.”

        I think many Californians and Australians would tell you that the predictions have already started materializing.

        • Yuri says:

          Californians are abandoning the state due to Democrat failures.

          All blue states are hemorrhaging legal, taxpaying residents not to mention businesses that have long supported its tax base.

          They’re mistakenly depending on President Biden to plug their holes with federal funds. What is Biden’s plan for jobs and the economy WITHOUT screeching “go look at his website”? Besides that, Vice President Harris can’t manage a federal budget. She and her sister couldn’t even get along to manage her FAILED Presidential run so she crawled up under a white man…again.

          By the way MWnyc, you have tens of thousands of people abandoning nyc under herr Cuomo. Why are you allowing once great nyc to become a pre-Guillani toilet once again?!?!

          • S says:

            I’ve noticed you’re very active on this blog (your style is easy to detect) and you’re intent on getting your viewpoint across. You’re obviously very comfortable using this platform, which NL has provided, to express your anger and frustration. Unfortunately, your posts are not persuasive at all, so I suggest you find another activity. Other things would probably be more productive and fulfilling to you. Since I don’t know you, I can’t say what you could do instead, but making frequent comments here doesn’t seem to be helping you or anyone else.

          • William Safford says:

            Maybe they’re buying fresh oceanfront property in Nevada….

      • William Safford says:

        Helen, there’s an easy answer to your complaint: stop believing the right-wing lies that masquerade as “alternate viewpoints.”

        They are not “alternate viewpoints.” They are lies.

        This should not be a politicized question. Addressing, and limiting or stopping, man-made climate change should be the goal of all of us.

        It has been politicized by those forces who have a pecuniary and political interest in sowing lies about climate change.

        The question is not whether or not man-made climate change is real.

        The proper question is what to do about it.

    • Alma Regina says:

      It’s probably the old, angry and conservative people… boiling because a teenager is guilt-tripping them on a planetary scale. And they are desperate to show, who still is the Boss here…

    • Greg Bottini says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth Owen, for your comment.
      I agree with you completely.

  • jt says:

    awful lot of haters here!

  • M McAlpine says:

    Of course attacks on her family – or on herself – are totally reprehensible, but I never quite see why this girl is listened to when there are highly qualified scientists whose work is ignored. Of course, she has become a poster girl for the green industry. I wish, however, there was proper scientific debate and not this sort of media-hype thing.

    • PaulRandall says:

      She is part of the debate, drawing upon the work of those highly qualified scientists.

    • Jack says:

      To many, she represents a generation that will become heir to the problems of today. And she’s passionate and articulate on the topic. Get it now?

      PS – There has been ‘proper scientific debate’ for many decades, and with little effect. While she is well versed on the scientific aspects for someone of her age, her greatest contribution is that she represents a unique perspective from an age group who, as I said, will inherit the mess we are leaving them.

      • Helen says:

        Event a brief examination of IPCC working group reports reveals that their climate scientists disagree substantially on the severity of the impact of climate change. There is a significant gulf between their varied and measured opinions and the reprehensible fear mongering that Greta Thunberg has been fed.

        The reports are freely available on the IPCC website for anyone who can be bothered.

        • William Safford says:

          That’s like asking if smokers will die of lung cancer at 250% higher or 300% higher rates than non-smokers.

          That is to say, the scientists are still figuring out the details, not the general facts.

          Also note the parallel between the denialism in the past of smoking health hazards, and the climate change denialism of today.

          (I made up those smoking numbers for illustrative purposes only.)

      • Hayne says:

        ‘proper scientific debate’ Remember all those pro/con anthropomorphic climate change debates? Me neither…

    • Emil says:

      You might have missed her message, which is ‘You should listen to the “highly qualified scientists whose work is ignored”‘.

  • Aviation contributes about 2.4% of the total CO2 emissions per year, but the heat trapped by the water vapor of contrails raises the contribution of aviation to global warming to about 5%. That’s a significant number, but I suspect the percentage of air travel created by musicians is a miniscule part of the 4.7 billion air passengers in 2019.

    OTH, orchestras set an example and the value of their travel to society is probably negligible. Their resources might be better spent on their local communities.

    As a corollary, if the US military were a country, it would be 47th in the world for green house gas emissions. It ranks between Portugal and Peru for fuel consumption.

    Let’s work on orchestral travel, but also keep our concerns in perspective.

  • Gustavo says:

    May the Force be with Greta and her followers!

    They are the only hope, especially in view of the current short-term tactic response to COVID-19 that is focused at increasing survival of the rich and old generation who are the ultimate cause of climate change and climate change denial.

    • Curvy Honk Glove says:

      yes… YES!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself! The old and greedy infirm who created this climate mess need to make way for the repressed youth who will surely restore Anglo-European musical art to its former prestige!

  • Jan Kaznowski says:

    “Thunberg’s mother …gave up her international career four years ago when her daughter persuaded her to stop taking flights. ”

    Huh ? Couldn’t she just take the train ?

    • William Safford says:

      “Interviewed in December 2019 by the BBC, her father said: ‘To be honest, (her mother) didn’t do it to save the climate. She did it to save her child because she saw how much it meant to her, and then, when she did that, she saw how much (Greta) grew from that, how much energy she got from it.'”

      –Wikipedia (with two citations)

    • Anna says:

      This is a bit of a rough one since I’ve never considered being a third rate opera singer much of a claim too fame. Somewhere we had this narrative imposed upon us.

  • JussiB says:

    I disagree with her but do not condone threats from haters.

  • Curvy Honk Glove says:

    Clearly, the obvious choice is for each and every orchestra and opera company to pledge enough of their endowments, grants, ticket revenues, and payroll so that they may, as an industry, work to offset the entire collective carbon footprint and avert a global climate catastrophe. The classical music industry must be held to account just like everyone else. Why should an effete few in the west be allowed to indulge in a luxury that is destroying our planet.

  • Haydn70 says:

    Just amazing how many people take this idiot kid seriously. No, on second thought, not amazing…given the decrepit state of our culture, it makes perfect sense.

    • Brettermeier says:


      Yes, listen to the old angry man who mourns the loss of our culture while insulting kids, because that’s the mature thing to do!

  • Beckey says:

    She has a beautiful voice. I can’t imagine giving that up!

    • MWnyc says:

      I don’t think Malena Ernman has given up singing. I think she’s given up performing in places she can’t reach by rail.

  • Limey says:

    Owwww so sorry. Part of becoming a socialite. Live with it.

  • JWE says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but I always seek out 16 year kid for advice and information when I need help. This little twit is a no-nothing who has been thrust upon the scene as someone we should listen to. I’m not there and never will be.

    • Diane says:

      Know nothing, I presume you meant? Or maybe you’re the “no-nothing” — at least when it comes to spelling and the meaning of words…

      • Ashu says:

        Anyone who thinks that mastery of English’s barbarically chaotic and irrational orthography is a measure of intelligence is… not intelligent.

    • Hayne says:

      Be kind to her. She is obviously being used by leftists to advance their agenda. She’s got problems and I blame her parents for allowing this to happen.

  • Anna says:

    One of the most unpleasant people in the world. I hope she eventually goes to school instead of constantly turning people against each other. The world and the climate do not need her aggression these days

    • Brettermeier says:

      “The world and the climate do not need her aggression these days”

      That’s one opinion. Here’s another:

      The world does not need your opinion of this kid these days. Actually, the world does not need your opinion period.

      • Anna says:

        I don’t impose my opinions on the world as she and the people behind her – this is the difference…

        • Brettermeier says:

          “I don’t impose my opinions on the world”

          And thank Flying Spaghetti Monster for that. 🙂

        • S says:

          Climate change is a reality, not an opinion. No one is “imposing” an opinion on you. There are NOT two sides to this argument. By denying the reality of climate change, you absolve yourself of your responsibility to do anything to address it, thereby making the problem even worse. That’s why people like Greta become activists. She cares about life on this planet.

          The Buddha said that once we know something to be true, we have a responsibility to live up to it.

          Think of it this way: A schoolbus has a flat tire and has been riding on the rim. It’s a bumpy ride and sparks are flying. The kids are exchanging worried looks on their way to school. All of the mechanics in town say the tire has to be changed or inflated, because it’s not safe to continue driving the bus in that condition.

          But if ONE crazy mechanic said it’s fine to ride the rim, you wouldn’t have hordes of people insisting that the tire should not be inflated under any circumstances. I don’t think anyone would say that having a flat tire is NOT a problem or that changing the tire would be akin to “imposing” an opinion. That would be ridiculous — a dereliction of duty. Children would be in danger. And yet, we have hordes of people clinging to the idea that it’s wise to continue as we have been, with this broken, dilapidated jalopy of a planet.

          If you really think this matter is up for debate, how about we have an experiment: you and all of the climate change deniers move to the Maldives or the Marshall Islands. If you’re still there in ten years, we’ll believe you.

  • I just cannot believe the hateful comments in this thread. “Idiot child” etc. I am 77, and I have contributed more than my share to the problems we have now, with gas-guzzling cars and more air miles than I can count. Until I started thinking a little in the mid-’90s, came to the same conclusion as the scientists then and now, and changed my life and energy-consumption accordingly. Now I live in a house that creates more energy than it consumes, have basically stopped flying and drive only electric vehicles. My company has stopped using plastic for our (SA)CDs, having developed a plastic-free packaging that not only is much more beautiful, but also weighs much less, thereby saving fuel in transport.
    I have had the intense satisfaction of seeing this child, daughter of one of my artists (who, BTW has a completely amazing voice!!), develope into a pain-in-the-neck person for all deniers, daring to tell high politicians the unvarnished truth, as a representative of the generation that will pay the price for what we have destroyed – and continue destroying (opening coal mines in the US, burning Amazonas in Brazil etc). How any sane person can doubt what this world’s unified real scientists have said – and what is proven every day in more and worse weather aberrations – is beyond me. But, since you do want to put on the blinkers and deny what is evident, the term “idiocy” stays firmly with you. To my thinking, Greta Thunberg, with all her passion, is doing much more for the survival chances of this world than any 100 politicians, put together.
    Now, start down-thumbing me, call me anything under the sun, and spread some more hatred. It’s OK, I can take it. But to threaten a 16-year old girl with a disorder and her family – and calling her “idiot” – just how low can one sink?

    Continue to destroy what we have in common, our planet, safe in the knowledge that you will be long dead before the real problems start hurting in earnest. We will be OK. Greta and her generation and those coming after her will not. Whereas I don’t agree with every detail in her absolute stance (also her family’s Tesla has environmentally negative effects, and the sailing to the US was more a PR stunt, in my view), I doff my hat to Greta and her family. We need to be woken up, and she is a darned good alarm clock.
    Robert von Bahr, CEO, BIS Records

    • Brettermeier says:

      @Robert von Bahr

      Thank you. Let the first thumb up be mine.

    • Gustavo says:

      The BIS eco-pack reminds me of a mini 2-LP sleeve and works well – less weight, same result.

      Is there any info on the eco-friendliness and carbon footprint of (SA)CD as opposed to vinyl?

      There is quite a retro-longing and a market niche for vinyl – but is that really sensible, given the bulk, the ware of material, the often claimed sound benefit (that ignores the drawback of scratchiness and limited run-time: 1 full-length CD requires at least 2 if not 3 LPs)?


    • Hayne says:

      You’re right. Screw third world countries…
      Look up all the scientific evidence against a lot of what you said…if you have the intellectual curiosity and courage to do so.

      • That’s exactly what I did, almost 30 years ago, long before it became all the rage, and long before the environmental consequences had begun to show their ugly face. Pro and con. Because I was spending so excessively much energy, I started to think and had both the intellectual curiosity to check facts and the ability to understand the results. And with the result being that I – inconveniently – had to change my way of life and not only wail, but doing something about it on a personal level. Greta does it much more efficiently, on an international level. She doesn’t know first-hand what the scientists do, and, Alan K. below, she is smart enough to refer to them, not herself. If you have children, grandchildren, if you care the least about our environment, this planet, be grateful to her and the likes of her.

        • Hayne says:

          So if I’m not “grateful” to her and the likes of her, I don’t care about the environment. Me bad person. If you’re happy with what you’ve done with your life, good for you! Now try to convince me and billions more (remember the desperately poor people out there who always seem to be ignored by people like Greta…besides China) through reasoned debate why you’re position is right. Look, I don’t bother you so don’t inflict the state on me (re redistribution of wealth) when I can’t be persuaded. Of course you’re position is right. It always is. Socialism: Ideas so good they must be mandatory.

      • William Safford says:

        Read this carefully:

        You are wrong. Again.

        I have known about climate change and global warming for well over thirty years. Friends of mine are expert scientists in this area.

        Just as with COVID-19, just as with cancer, just as with astronomy, or physics, or chemistry, or any other scientific endeavor, they’re still working out the details.

        But the basic facts are no longer in question, quacks and flat-earthers notwithstanding.

        It’s happening, whether or not you or other climate change deniers want to acknowledge it.

    • buxtehude says:

      @Robert von Bahr:
      Well said!

    • Haydn70 says:

      Mr. von Bahr asks “Just how low can one sink?”

      Here’s how low things have sunk in the past 4 years:

      Greta Thunberg is named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2019

      Kendrick Lamar is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2018

      Bob Dylan is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016

      That’s how low. But you and your woke, virtue-signaling, standards-free PC allies just love the view from the bottom of the sewer, right?

      • S says:

        Speaking of Q.E.D.:

        PC allies
        (You forgot SJW)

        Those are the terms you use to excoriate Greta and others who care about the planet. But we’re the bad guys. Got it. Good to know you’re out there.

      • And those three instances (some of which I violently disagree with) justify death threats for her family and herself, being called – here – “twit”, “idiot”, being criticized for her looks and hairdo (a major and important point indeed), and what not? Just so that I understand. If this is the intellectual level of a serious discussion, I start to understand why we all are in the predicament we are in.

        • William Safford says:

          “If this is the intellectual level of a serious discussion, I start to understand why we all are in the predicament we are in.”

          Welcome to the comments section of SD, alas.

          It has been overrun by right wing climate change deniers/supporters of the Orange Enemy of the People/and much more.

          One of the problems we face in the world right now, is a competition between facts and lies.

          Nowhere is this clearer than on the topic of man-made climate change/global warming.

          The argument should be how to handle it, not if it exists. As you know, it exists. Yet people lie about its existence, over and over again, including in these comments.

          At least in the U.S., this maps almost perfectly onto political alliances: right wingers are anti-fact, and left-wingers are pro-fact. There are exceptions: a small subset of left wing people who are anti-vaxxers, and a small subset of the right wing who are principled conservatives. But it is sad just how much of current political alignment is fact vs. lies, not honest disagreements over policies.

          In your case, I’m preaching to the choir, of course. I’m impressed by the steps that you have taken with your own business and personal life. Kudos.

          • Helden Sopran says:

            you sound like the direct descendant of Manichaeus!
            are you for real? right wingers are antifact and left wingers are profact. In other words “I’m always correct you are always wrong”. Sounds like a really enlightened discourse!!! have you ever read twice what you write, and never felt an all abiding sense of the ridiculous?!
            P.S. are you and “S” the same person?

          • William Safford says:

            “It is a well known fact that reality has liberal bias.”

            ― Stephen Colbert

            The issue is not that liberals, moderates, and many other people are always correct.

            The problem is that conservatives have, as a group, forsaken facts, forsaken reality, forsaken any kind of rational discussion about the facts, and thereby forsaken all credibility and worthiness.

            In the case of hundreds of Republican American Members of Congress, they have crossed the line into sedition.

            This is a sad condition. There *should* be a vigorous discussion of the issues, based on the facts.

            Instead, a substantial number of people are proverbial flat-earthers, refusing to acknowledge facts, and basing all sorts of wacko-bird (to quote the late Senator John McCain) conspiracy theories on their lies and falsehoods. It’s a house of cards, as is the ice sheet on Greenland is increasingly becoming due to man-made global warming.

            And now they are betraying our country.

            So, let us know when you ready to choose to engage in an enlightened and fact-based discourse.

          • “Helden Sopran”: To whom did you direct this?
            If to me, I can only say three things:
            1) I follow my convictions, even when they are cumbersome and/or inconvenient. I may be wrong, but I act according to my beliefs.
            2) I have no preconceived ideas about right or left. I listen to arguments, whencever they come, and I am always prepared to change view, if arguments are strong.
            3) I am Robert von Bahr, CEO, BIS Records, and noone else. At least I have the courage to present my views under my own name.

          • Helden Sopran says:

            Absolutely not you Mr von Bahr. You are a very sensible and thoughtful poster obviously, it was directed at Safford as he properly understood.

            Briefly responding to Safford: I couldn’t possibly match the eloquence of Haydn70, Karl, Real Earth Lover, Anna, Helen and McAlpine, and I may be missing a few others of my favorites, but shall I say I fully endorse their well articulated opinions! I could not have said it better!
            And for the record, I’m a conservative that absolutely despises the orange menace! so there for you, a little nuance and subtlety, instead of the “I and my views are always right and you are always wrong”. It was that manichaean black and white view of yours that riled!

            And last regarding the so called “S” poster, I have posted less than 10 posts total, and before this only on Wagner, so you just don’t know me, and clearly are confusing me with someone else! needless to say you last few posts show not a need for an admonition on manners, but rather a recommendation for a good psychiatrist, and as a scientist in the physical sciences I’m sorry I cannot help!

          • Helden Sopran says:

            I’m sorry to have left out Alan K, Charice and Hayne for their extremely thoughtful and praiseworthy contributions, and totally representing my views. As a result, I feel that expressing my own would simply have to echo their eloquence.

          • William Safford says:

            Helden, right wing supporters of the Orange Enemy of the People just stormed and occupied the U.S. Capitol. At least one person has been shot. Congress had to be evacuated.

            The Orange Enemy of the People directly incited them to riot.

            He just lied on the air that he won the election in a landslide.

            Facts matter.

            Words matter.

            Biden won the U.S. Presidential election.

            Climate change is real.

            Conservatives face a moment of reckoning. Do you support facts, or do you support lies? Do you support democracy, or do you support dictatorship?

            Choose carefully.

          • Hayne says:

            I know you will not believe this but I do feel sorry for you.

          • William Safford says:

            Hayne, just watch TV. It happened. Use your eyes.

            You believe lies, and seek out “evidence” for your the lies you believe.

            I start with the facts, and base my opinions on them.

            That is the fundamental difference between you and me.

            It’s not too late. You can let go of your cherished lies.

          • Hayne says:

            TV for the facts. Hot damned you can really be funny! Thanks:)

          • William Safford says:

            Why do you have such an aversion to facts and informed opinions?

          • Helden Sopran says:

            Against all my better judgement I will answer one last time only to point out your utter self-absorption and lack of reading comprehension! To wit, I indicated quite clearly my revulsion to this despicably repugnant creature that masquerades as a politician long before the tragic events of the afternoon. More importantly, as a New Yorker of several decades, I have known the utter moral bankruptcy of this monster as a discredited snake-oil-salesman businessman, a lying small-time candidate for the Liberal party, a lying political donations contributor to the Democratic party, and his disgusting ascent to the pinnacle of power and reinvention as a conservative Republican. I have been astonished at the hold he developed on some largely uneducated and resentful segment of society! I won’t go further other than to point out once again that the last thing I need is lectures from you on this orange monster!

            Having said that, it does NOT follow that I should support the clown freakshow of this ridiculous teenager, or the precepts of this fanatical cult of climate changers, that concentrate on the carbon footprint of a cow to prevent you from having a steak, while ignoring the cataclysmic changes the earth has gone through since its birth, and will continue to do so in the cyclical pattern of nature, irrespective of any carbon footprints. I am a scientist and could go on a lot further, but I come here to talk about music, and will stop right here on this subject!

          • William Safford says:

            Helden, threading in the comments section breaks down at this level, so it is difficult to see if I already responded to this particular post of yours. I don’t think so, so here goes.

            You wrote:

            “Having said that, it does NOT follow that I should support the clown freakshow of this ridiculous teenager, or the precepts of this fanatical cult of climate changers, that concentrate on the carbon footprint of a cow to prevent you from having a steak, while ignoring the cataclysmic changes the earth has gone through since its birth, and will continue to do so in the cyclical pattern of nature, irrespective of any carbon footprints. ”

            I am surprised by this. If you are a scientist, then I would have thought that you would be on top of the science concerning man-made climate change.

            The Earth does go through cyclical changes.

            But what we as a species are doing, is not the same as cyclic changes.

            By our actions, we are actively and adversely altering the earth’s climate and temperature.

            The evidence of this goes way beyond supposition or hypothesis. It is real, it is happening, and we are doing it, to our peril.

            Arguments against the existence of climate change hold about the same level of validity as arguments against the health effects of smoking. Ditto those who argue against climate change, and apologists for smoking.

            I am saddened, but not surprised, by your ad hominem attacks on Greta.

            Greta has Asperger’s. I know several people who also have it, including musicians, so I am some experience interacting with such people.

            It is a virtue to be understanding of people who are a bit different from us.

            She is an advocate for the facts surrounding climate change, and their implications for the world and for us. Many people denigrate her for this advocacy. Many people denigrate those who help her, in part due to prejudices against people with Asperger’s, and in part because they want to distract from the veracity of her advocacy.

            A little bit of forbearance for her condition can go a long way.

            As for what you claim is an issue with my reading comprehension, is actually your refusal to accept facts as presented to you, and opinions that differ from yours, that is your problem.

            There is a music tie-in to this topic, as has been made clear elsewhere: Greta’s mother is an opera singer.

            At least you are not an apologist for the Orange Enemy of the People. That is good.

          • William Safford says:

            Helden, let’s go back to fundamentals.

            There are things that are true, and there are things that are false.

            We can have rational discussions about things that are true.

            We cannot have rational discussions about things that are false.

            Right now, at least in the U.S., large swaths of the right wing believe things that are false.

            Others cynically use these false beliefs to gain and exercise political power, whether or not they believe them.

            Many of these falsehoods are advocated for, as if true, here in the comments section of SD, often by the very people whom you listed. For example, climate change is a fact. Denying it does not change the factuality of it. Discussing opinions about what to do about it is valid. Denying it is invalid.

            Now, let’s touch on the history of conservatism in the 20th century.

            As I have previously discussed elsewhere, conservative political intellectual and commentator William F. Buckley wanted to establish a theoretical grounding for conservativism in America. He knew that he had to marginalize the wacko-birds of his day–such as the John Birch Society–if he wanted conservatism to be taken seriously. So, he and his associates did.

            Buckley died some years ago. The wacko-birds are taking over the conservative movement, with their fact-free beliefs.

            For a preposterous yet scary example of this, look at the Qanon movement:

            “Qanon is a disproven and discredited far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against US president Donald Trump, who is fighting the cabal.” (Wikipedia)

            This should be a skit on some comedy show. Yet the Orange Enemy of the People takes his talking points from them, and Georgia elected a member of the House of Representatives who is a true believer and follower of this scam. And now they are protesting in the streets of Washington, DC, forcing the evacuation of the U.S. Senate.

            If conservatives want to be taken seriously, you first need to clean house.

          • Hayne says:

            Oh, you mean the FBI informant at Yale and who worked for the CIA, that William Buckley? Now that’s a conservative all right:)

          • William Safford says:

            Hayne, I don’t like or support Buckley per se. I use him as an example of someone who tried to legitimate a conservative movement, in part by purging it of falsehoods and conspiracists.

            These falsehood-supporting conspiracists are in full force in the right wing right now.

            These right wing conspiracist followers just assaulted Congress, the Vice President, and the Vice President-Elect.

            Don’t be one.

            Facts matter.

          • Hayne says:

            “purging” to purge, having been purged…
            Where have I read those words before?

          • William Safford says:

            Considering your sources of “information,” I shudder at the thought of where you read them.

          • Hayne says:




            …and of course the purges coming through big tech and Democrat govt.
            You think I’m kidding? It’s already happening. You on the left think you won’t be touched? You know nothing of history.

          • William Safford says:

            You presume to claim that I think we won’t be touched?

            We just had a right wing insurrection and attempted coup right here in the U.S.!! It was incited by the Orange Enemy of the People!

            The Right is the primary threat to Western liberal democracy, in this period of time: right wing parties dismantling democratic institutions in countries such as Poland and Hungary; factions that want to do so, such as the National Front in France and other ones in various other European countries; the Orange Enemy of the People and his attempted right wing insurrection here in the U.S. this week; and others.

            Right wing populist movements are in the ascendancy.

            Facts matter.

          • Hayne says:

            Yes, fact do matter. I agree.

          • William Safford says:

            Hayne, I’m glad that you now agree that facts matter. That is an excellent change of heart on your part.

            Now, let’s see you put it into action, to change your world view to align with facts.

    • Karl says:

      If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. Thunberg is a public figure and people have the right to voice their opinions of her views. her parents should have though of that and not let her rise to prominence until she was an adult and ready to make that decision.

      Being a CEO you have the money to be carbon neutral. But you forget how the 99% lives. It’s not possible for the average person to significantly reduce his carbon footprint without incurring great financial hardship or deciding to be childless. That’s because studies show the best way to reduce your carbon footprint it to have no children.

      • Gustavo says:

        “That’s because studies show the best way to reduce your carbon footprint it to have no children.”

        Or to let children spread a deadly disease that controls the population of old farts?

      • Gustavo says:

        Yes, and switch on those nuclear power stations, for heavens sake!

        Climate change will be far worse than COVID-19 and leukaemia taken together.

      • Well, finally a comment worth taking seriously, said in a reasonable tone of voice. Thank you for that! Yes, you’re right – unless one can take the heat… And, if the comments were limited to criticizing her views, I would have nothing to object to. But calling her a twit, an idiot, among many other derogatives, drawing attention to her looks or braids, and finally making death threats against her and her family, so that they actually don’t dare to walk outside in the evenings, what has that got to do with having opinions about her views? A debate is healthy, but is that a debate?
        You also make a very good point about finances and I freely admit that, for the majority, it is extremely difficult to make a tangible difference. I can certainly tell you that, to become more or less carbon neutral, I had to give up several things I loved and quite simply live differently. It has less with being a CEO to do than absorbing a different view of what really is important and what is not. Everyone can do something, but it seems to me that, as soon as that something starts to hurt, good intentions go out of the window. And I am totally convinced that we are going to be forced to anyway, want it or not. Then better to adjust voluntarily than later being forced. One does what one can, with the means at one’s disposal.
        For me it is intellectually dishonest to say something and then not live up to that on a personal level.
        Thank you for a reasoned and nice comment.

        • Gustavo says:

          Please don’t ask us to stop collecting classical music physically – in my case, a real wooden library stuffed with near-mint and well-used CDs accumulated since 1989!

          Physical libraries may contribute to binding CO2 (while cloud-based remote solutions depend on continuous power supply).

          In theory, buying rare second-hand discs off top-predators – which is probably economically harmful for the primary producer – saves CDs from being randomly emitted back into the ecosystem and eventually ending up as micro-plastic particles in the ocean.

    • Greg Bottini says:

      Thank you, Robert von Bahr, for your comments.
      Greta is a brave girl who is standing up for what she believes in, no matter whose feathers she ruffles, and she is not letting her Asperger’s derail her.
      I consider her, as I wrote earlier, one of my heroes.

  • Alan K says:

    No the thumbs down are likely from individuals who find it preposterous that anyone would take seriously some uneducated privileged self-righteous teenager from Scandinavia her edicts how the world’s economy should operate based on her scant understanding of climate change. Another example of the infantilization of the western world.

    • S says:

      Alan K, let me see if I understand your point.

      It’s “preposterous” that anyone would take her seriously because she is:

      a teenager
      from Scandinavia

      and you believe she “edicts” how the world’s economy should operate based on her “scant understanding” of climate change.

      You, on the other hand, should be taken seriously. Is that right?

      • Hayne says:

        Global cooling is not something anyone would want. Shorter growing seasons are developing in the US already.
        Global warming would benefit mankind with longer growing seasons and larger areas for farming. When the world cools more during cycles, there tends to be more famine and sickness for man.

        • William Safford says:

          From the abstract:

          “…any change in global mean temperature due to a future prolonged solar minimum would do little to substantially offset or delay the warming due to projected increases in long-lived greenhouse gases.”

          So, you’re letting go of your climate change denialism? Good for you!

          Oh, wait: your words show that you’re still deeply in denial.

          Keep working at it.

          • Hayne says:

            “…the decline in solar activity has continued, to the time of writing, and is faster than any other such decline in 9300 years.” They give the Maunder minimum a small chance of happening in the next 40 years. Pray they’re right.

            again the new study by Finnish scientists…

            Why is having other opinions so troubling to certain people? I know, because we’re wrong. That’s why we have “fact checkers.” Here’s a new one by JP Sears:)


          • William Safford says:

            Dude! You keep trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

            Let go of your false beliefs. Embrace facts.

            The scientific article you previously cited does not support the lies that you believe.

            South China Morning News is inaccessible to me, so I can’t comment on that link. But the reality is that as global temperatures go up, climate change will have different effects on different parts of the globe. That’s consistent with climate change.

            Every time you have put forward fact-free information, we have corrected you with the facts. Every time.

            The facts don’t care what hogwash you believe. It’s better to base your world view on facts than trying to force the world to accommodate your false world view.

            It’s not too late to change. Just do it.

        • Karl says:

          Global cooling is inevitable. We are in an interglacial period of an ice age called the Quaternary glaciation that began 2.5 million years ago. Interglacial periods typically last about 10,000 years and this current one is about 10,000 years old.

          • William Safford says:

            We are creating global warming right now.

            Global cooling may happen thousands of years from now, from natural causes.

            We need to deal with our actions and our behavior right now.

  • Helden Sopran says:

    While I read this site pretty regularly, I only tend to opine on Wagnerian matters which is what really interests me. However this person that goes by “S” has really riled me up and I’m wondering if other contributors share my outrage! This outrageous behaviour really ought to not be accepted in polite company, and should be repudiated with all our strength. This person is telling other worthy contributors “I don’t like your opinion thus you should not be opining at all”. This is so unacceptable that I’m asking all decent people to rise up in indignation against such despicable behaviour!
    Needless to say my request has nothing to do with the actual position in question, for or against, but the infantile and totally beyond the pale attitude to civilized discourse.
    What an execrable human being!!!!

    • Formerly known as S says:

      Oh, come on now. You’re the same troll as always, though I appreciate your effort in changing your tone. You’re being completely absurd. I never said what you put in quotes, which is what quotes are used for. Aside from that, this is a silly music blog. Others might share your “outrage” but no one is going to “rise up” because I’ve gotten under your skin. If you dislike my comments so much, why did you pretend to be me in one of your many posts above? Just trying from all angles, I guess.

      • Helden Sopran says:

        besides being an unaware narcissist you are delusional and insolent making false accusations. I have never posted under any other name than the one I’m writing now. Done with you, you are hopeless, I tried…. over.

        • Formerly known as S says:

          Yes, you gave it your best shot. Good effort. I’m glad you’ve decided to move on.

          I have to say, even though imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t write under my names anymore. I came up with this last handle, “S,” because you appropriated the last four or five I’ve tried to use over the years. It seems you argue and argue under a bunch of different names, sometimes trying to choose something you think sounds Jewish, Asian, or European, like “Helden Sopran.” Then, eventually, you get exasperated with me and simply steal my name and try to pose as me. No one buys it, because I never randomly call people white supremacists or bring up Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton when they’re irrelevant to the discussion. I try to stick to the subject and make reasonable points without excessive capitalization or punctuation.

          You are an imposter. Try using only one name, at least until an unoriginal person steals it.

          • Helden Sopran says:

            Since you have already been unmasked for doing what you are accusing others of doing, projecting much?, I totally rest my case. QED: You do not belong in polite company.