German soloist takes Covid refuge in Australia

German soloist takes Covid refuge in Australia


norman lebrecht

January 29, 2021

The Sydney Symphony has just engaged the German violinist Daniel Röhn to join incoming Chief Conductor Simone Young in their season-opening concerts with the Tchaikovsky concerto. He replaces Ray Chen, who was unable to travel to Australia for all the usual reasons.

Röhn has lately relocated to Australia to ride out the rest of the pandemic together with his wife, the Australian flutist Ana de la Vega.

Smart thinking.



  • Colin says:

    Since Ray Chen is reportedly Taiwanese-Australian, what are “all the usual reasons”?

    • Marguerite J Foxon says:

      Australia has extremely low limits on the number of expat Aussies that can return per week. Tens of thousands are still marooned overseas, Chen obviously one of them, unable to return. Getting one of the few dozen seats made available on each flight is not only horrendously expensive but very difficult. Im not surprised he is still stuck in Taiwan. Many of us have friends stuck overseas trying for months to get back.

    • marcellous says:

      Australian citizens still need to quarantine (normally 14 days in hotel) when coming to Australia from O/S and Taiwanese citizens need to quarantine (can be in-home) entering Taiwan.

  • Alexander says:

    there were political or war refugees before, finally the world has come to covid ones 😉

  • Nijinsky says:

    that Looooks like “Australioa” but how do we know she’s not back in Germany planning a new siege!? And trying to fin a means to extend Ludwigamania for another too many years? You know. Get them while they ARE vulnerable; have been made addicted; couldn’t chose otherwise; have been lambasted with that stuff in their ears for long enough it starts popping into their head out of “nowhere.” This HAS to stop. It gets in the way of Democracy! And that a Woman would take part!?

  • Cordula Merks says:

    Bravo Daniel!