Death of New York Brass Quintet’s tuba

The death of tuba virtuoso and teacher Toby Hanks is being widely mourned.

Aside from being a prime performer, he was an influential teacher at Manhattan School of Music.


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  • Toby was also the tuba teacher at Yale School of Music, and was my teacher there when I did my graduate degree 1986-1988. Those of us who were lucky enough to have known him and studied with him are deeply saddened by his passing.

  • Toby was not the founder of the NYBQ. His predecessor in the group, Harvey Phillips, was.

    He was a great artist and teacher. He will be sorely missed.

  • Toby Hanks was a wonderful musician and human being. However, he was not a founder of the New York Brass Quintet. The original tubist of the NYBQ was Harvey Phillips.

  • My wife’s father Robert Nagel was the founder of the NYBQ. Toby came to the quintet after Harvey. They were an amazing group of musicians.

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