Death of multitalented London violinist, 55

Death of multitalented London violinist, 55


norman lebrecht

January 26, 2021

The supremely capable studio musician, orchestra leader, producer and arranger Sonia Slany died on January 14 after a long illness.

Among other feats, she played the monochord on Howard Shore’s haunting Lord of the Rings soundtrack with the London Philharmonic.

Listen carefully.

Originally from western Australia, Sonia studied at the Royal Northern College of Music before making her career in London. She was greatly loved.


  • Jan Kaznowski says:

    I performed with her once. RIP, Sonia

  • Jane says:

    Sonia came and played unaccompanied Bach at a music camp I attended in Western Australia as a teenager, about 35 years ago. I was really captivated by her beautiful sound and energy and organised a lesson with her. I have always been inspired by this small connection and am sorry to hear of her passing. RIP Sonia

  • It was in the 80s when Sonia bought my violin once belonged to her teacher Denis East.
    For many years her name was just a mention of him to reassure me that my ‘baby’ passed in very good hands, but my curiosity was appeased only in the 90’s, when finally she came to Bologna for a trio concert and she was taking this opportunity for finally meeting with the dad of her beloved fiddle. I immediately realized that her music talent and personality were truly uncommon, and I’ll never forget that incredible concert she performed with Ryuichi Sakamoto on that evening.
    I became immediately one of her fans.
    I wish I could enjoy more of her friendship!
    It was a great honor for me to have invisibly served her musical inspiration for many years.
    Sonia will be greatly missed by me too.
    Roberto Regazzi, Bologna

  • Andrew Bagnelle says:

    She was a beautiful and talented lass. RIP Sonia “Gone Too Soon”