Best dressed males on the concert catwalk

Best dressed males on the concert catwalk


norman lebrecht

January 05, 2021

We have been challenged on Twitter to provide a balancing post to our occasional fashion output.

Here’s a selection from our archives:

I Off the shoulder organist

2 The doctored pianist

3 Shirtsleeved chic

4 Chen up

5 Siemilar

6 Maestro casual

7 Retro Finn

8 The nah look

9 Leisure man

10 Dressing gowned


  • EU person says:

    I would give #1 of this rating to clown Yannick.
    He enjoys an exclusive expensive hotel staying while Met musicians have not been paid almost a year.
    What a hypocrite he is…

    • EU person says:

      Yannick is a 9 Leisure man if someone doesnt know.

    • Orchestral Musician says:

      He is promoting, and thanking a hotel. The owners of the hotel have provided badly needed financial support to his orchestra in Montreal during the pandemic, which has helped this fine orchestra perform a partial, online season of concerts.

      • EU preson says:

        Probably Yannick has to many duties.. And he can’t manage all that..
        Has he done anything to help Met orchestra? As I know he did zero. Thats why many Met musicians has to leave NY. They cant afford leaving there…

    • Topo says:

      No leader……

  • Karl says:

    This is not PC! Why the gender discrimination? I want Yuja pics!

  • Music fan says:

    With regard to #1: When you’ve got arms and shoulders like his, why not show them off? He’s still modestly attired compared to Momma Longlegs Astanova

    • BruceB says:

      Another crucial difference: he can play his instrument

    • Karl says:

      Reminds me of classic Right Said Fred!

      “I’m too sexy for my shirt
      Too sexy for my shirt
      So sexy it hurts
      And I’m too sexy for Milan
      Too sexy for Milan
      New York, and Japan
      I’m too sexy for your party
      Too sexy for your party
      No way I’m disco dancing
      ‘Cause I’m a model, you know what I mean
      And I do my little turn on the catwalk
      Yeah, on the catwalk
      On the catwalk, yeah
      I shake my little tush on the catwalk”

  • Anon says:

    French pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet is hands down the best dressed male classical artist out there! He is dressed by British designer Vivienne Westwood & he’s always impeccably elegant and stylish. He’s usually understated – but rises to any occasion. When he played with Yuja in LA, he matched her extroverted fashion style perfectly, down to his red soled Louboutin shoes! Thibaudet is a classical fashion icon & leaves everyone else you’ve mentioned in the dust!

  • Dame Myra O'Norma says:

    Best Dressed Conductor? The bar is very high in this category. I think the prize has to go to Carlo Maria Giulini.

  • David A. Boxwell says:

    A few years ago I spotted Thomas Hampson in a Vienna restaurant and he was dressed like a Vogue Hommes cover. Yes, there was a “foulard” costing a month of my salary.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    For me the most suitable onstage attire is whatever attracts the least attention.

  • Anon says:

    I nominate Stjepan Hauser for most improved. He’s wearing more clothes in his latest videos & looking pretty sharp.

    Of course his shirtless videos are very nice, too! đŸ˜‰

  • Anon says:

    Japanese conductor Eiji Oue deserves special mention for creativity. He’s the only conductor I’ve ever played for who completely changes his outfit for the 2nd half of the concert!

  • Martin Snell says:

    Andreas Ottensamer leaves the competition in the shade …

  • Emil says:

    That’s not the same thing and you know it.

  • Anon says:

    I agree with Martin about Andreas Ottensamer. But speaking of well dressed male wind soloists I’d definitely include Sir James Galway. Sir James is a very sharp dresser & it’s always interesting to see what he’ll wear as a soloist. He captures the eyes as well as the ears!

    I understand that pianist Stephen Hough is regarded as one of the classical world’s best dressed soloists. Always perfectly attired!

    Despite his often brusque manner, Pinchas Zukerman is quite refined and elegant in his fashion choices. You have to look closely to see the excellent tailoring, fine materials and & expensive looking comfortable concert shoes but I’d certainly include him on the Best Dressed List!

  • David K. Nelson says:

    Thinking back to a lot of years of concert-going … nobody looked more elegant and appropriately attired in the standard (now “old fashioned”) formal concert attire than violinist Zino Francescatti. And what a perfect violin posture he had.