Berlin will keep arts shut until after Easter

Berlin’s Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer has ordered theatres and concert halls to remain closed until mid-April at the earliest, it was announced tonight.

Rehearsals, however, may continue.

Berlin shut all arts venues at the beginning of November 2020.


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  • Oh dear… I feel like we are heading towards a domino effect for concert halls across Europe to come in the next few days.

    • I wish for all of you in Europe, far lower rates of COVID infection and deaths than we have experienced here in the U.S.

      • Your results in fighting the COVID infection will average out to the same results as Europe (good or bad) as long as you vaccinate your people against the TRUMP infection first.
        Good luck with that.

  • That is a shame. Berlin was a shining light in keeping going last year, far more so than London, which gave up. I attended a production there of the new Herheim production of Die Walküre in September. Seems a long time ago.

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