Why Germany allows sport, but not music

Why Germany allows sport, but not music


norman lebrecht

December 16, 2020

A statement by the federal minister of health, Jens Spahn:

Es gehe beim Profisport auch um Berufsausübung. Für viele Bürgerinnen und Bürger sei die Präsenz des Sports als ein Stück Normalität von Bedeutung.

Professional sport is to do with exercising an occupation. For many citizens the resence of sport is important as an element of normality.

But music not, presumably.

Is he saying that the Berlin Philharmonic should be fielding its famous football team (pictured)?


  • Lena says:

    It all has to do with the ease with which Covid spreads in enclosed, cramped, poorly ventilated, crowded spaces where people are stationary for a long time, and where it’s difficult to maintain proper social distancing, like in concert halls, opera houses etc. The risk of getting infected (for both audience & artists) in such situations is significantly higher than outdoors, as Corona is mainly transmitted through exhalation-inhalation of infected droplets/aerosols expelled into air on breathing. Masks only go so far to help. Outdoors – even light breeze interferes with the spread of infection. In light of Germany’s current sharp rise in Covid cases/deaths, caution is the order of the day, and the government is acting accordingly in a responsible manner. From the start, Germany has also been providing substantial funding/subsidies to support artist community/venues/organizations, as well as businesses.

    • Peter San Diego says:

      Outdoor sports that do no involve close proximity, such as tennis or golf (or running, but not in groups) are encouraged in California, even under present stay-at-home conditions. Football — whether the global or North American variety — is not.

    • John Borstlap says:

      This is very true. The point of airborne transmission is often ignored or not understood, and it makes all the difference.

  • Rogerio says:

    Everyone who thinks football is more important than classical music should be encouraged to listen to Wagner’s Ring Cycle. That would change their minds.

  • Rogerio says:

    Here’s a thought: If Break-dancing can be an Olympic Sport, why not solo violin?

  • Francesco Farfalle says:

    Sports-dispersed aerosols are significantly less infectious than those expelled from musical instruments, per a recent report from the US CDC.

    This legislation seems logical to me, keep up the good fight, Germany!

  • Ghoul Chud says:

    When are you sheeple going to understand that covid-19 is a globalist hoax?

    • Arthur Asparagus says:

      Agreed. No one will understand the consequences until we’ve all been ‘vaccinated’ AKA chipped by Gates, Soros, and Epstein (who is ALIVE), round up, and sent to the reeducation camps.

    • William Safford says:

      Troll. The pandemic is real, and has infected and killed people I know.

      • Mandy Mozzarella says:

        I sincerely doubt that!

      • Henry Hamburger says:

        William, this is tragic and I send you my thoughts and prayers.

        Mr. Chud is an insensitive troll who obviously gets off (likely sexually) by making a mockery of others’ losses.

        Shame on you, Ghoul. Get a life and a soul, too, while you’re at it.

        • William Safford says:

          Thank you. I appreciate it.

          I learned about two more just this week. One of the two is quite sick. The other is less ill so far, glad to say. I hope that they will recover.

          Several more people I know are in quarantine because they were in contact with these two people. So far so good.

    • Maestro4 says:

      You must be the most uneducated person in the world. I guess there is only so much that can be done with that 6th grade education. Many people continue their education after they reach the age of 10. You may want to go back and see what you’ve missed.

  • Birchley Poundbottom says:

    How aptly named mr Chud. I cannot fathom a more ghoulish and heartless thought than that the deaths of millions is a hoax to you.

  • Bob Bifferman says:

    There is some serious moderation needed for those who spread misinformation about this dangerous pandemic.
    Mrs. Mozarrella and Mr. Chud were extremely rude and should publicly apologize or get BANNED.

    • Kelly Karbohydrate says:

      Here here, well said Bob. We need more heroes like you ’round these parts!

    • Maria says:

      Just the stupid names of Mozarella and Chud says it all – hiding behind anonymity to be insulting and show their ignorance. Time for these sorts of people on here to go and not lower even further the tone of this site.

      • John Chunch says:

        We must not ignore the role Norman plays in promoting this vile discourse. Is it a coincidence that Slippedisc brought back the upvote system after seeing a precipitous decline in pageviews? Controversy gets clicks, which is why Norman allows such obscene pot-stirring comments such as those we’ve seen from Mr. Chud, Ms. Mozzarella, and Dennis Pastrami, among others. You’re better than that, Norman.

        • norman lebrecht says:

          Go search elewhere for conspiracy theories. The upvote was taken down due to work on the site and restored some days later.

    • Petros Linardos says:

      Motion seconded.

  • Brettermeier says:

    “Why Germany allows sport, but not music”

    Because stadiums are:

    + Open-Air
    + No live audience allowed

    In other words: If you want to watch a game, you have to watch it on TV / Livestream.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think this is a bad idea.

  • Gustavo says:

    It’s a sign of cultural decay…bread and games – nothing more, nothing less.