Who’s pulling Jonas Kaufmann’s strings?

Who’s pulling Jonas Kaufmann’s strings?


norman lebrecht

December 04, 2020

The tenor has been added to a Salzburg puppet show. He thinks it’s ‘super’.

Watch news report here.

The video is quite well made.


  • henry williams says:

    very good it looks like him

  • Bloom says:

    Bernhard Fleischer, probably. And his company.
    Jonas Kaufmann s puppet double is so scary, my god!

  • Brian says:

    Well, I love his work. All of it…but whichever puppet master allowed his rendition of Mariah Carey’s, All I want for Christmas is You! to be included on his Christmas album should release his strings today!

  • Che Tristezza! says:


  • Jonathan Sutherland says:

    Maybe JK is preparing to sing both Hoffmann AND Olympia?

  • Ines says:

    Looks more like Lincoln….but for the hair

  • Mo says:

    Oh dear – I think not !