Sydney sues Beijing over opera house design

The Sydney Opera House has issued proceedings against Acetca, a company with links to the Chinese Communist Pary, which has registered a trademark that resembles the opera house’s distinctive design.

Given the present rancorous state of Oz-China relations, this could go nuclear.

Report here.


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  • It is not the only case. The logo of the Teatro Real of Madrid is a bad copy of that of the Theater Royal in Hobart, Tasmania.

    • If its a copy (and to be honest there are only so many ways to arrange the letters ‘T’ and ‘R’), its an infinitely classier one.

  • I don’t know about such a trivial thing going nuclear but Australia and China are definitely in a cold war. I understand that it’s principally about trade issues and Australia’s complaints about China’s treatment of the Uighurs.

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