Puppet Jonas Kaufmann now in English

Puppet Jonas Kaufmann now in English


norman lebrecht

December 11, 2020

Christ, a Saviour is bored…. apparently.



  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Nasty stuff.

    • Mouse says:

      Actually, the time is perfect for this album to check where we stand in classical music: where in earlier times one felt a certain pride, gratitude and good-natured indulgence when a singer sang in the audience’s mother tongue, today the grumpy 60+ spread envy and cynicism.

      After reading the comments hereunder I suggest that if a classical artist e.g. like Evgeny Kissin or Itzhak Perlman, in a friendly gesture towards the audience, dares to make an announcement in poor German or French that we should start laughing out loud and shouting: LEARN CORRECT PRONOUNCATION YOU OVERPAID FOOL!!!

      Time for the young people to steer clear of this genre…

  • Bloom says:

    It s insane. Mr.Kaufmann has turned into some sort of sale maniac lately. Whatever can help selling his latest döppel Xmas cd , no matter how gruesomely kitschy, is allowed.

    • carol says:

      absolutely right.
      he lost his voice and his mind.
      is old fashioned stuff.

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      There are legions of people out there who like this sort of thing; OK you and I aren’t one of them but isn’t Jonas K entitled to make some money for his family when the rest of the art music scene is in some kind of reduced function if not lockdown!!
      I’m betting you think he should be living on love.

    • Waltraud Becker says:

      You obviously know nothing about Sakburger Marionettentheater…… Its a great honor to be turned into a puppet by them!

    • Bloom says:

      It must be experienced like a fierce fight for survival by him, I guess. On the inside. Something the fills up the huge hole within.But on the outside, it looks like sliding down on a self-destructive spiral. I wonder whether anyone among his close associates explains him that.Probably no one, because he won t listen to them or because they themselves are interested in encouraging or humouring him for financial reasons.

  • jm960 says:

    I cannot stop laughing………wow. Cringe Glockchen Cringe Cringe Cringe.

  • David says:

    As examples of the art of the marionette, the skater, horse and harpist are, I think quite good. A marionette tenor that doesn’t have an articulated jaw is really a ventriloquist and probably should have been consigned to the soundtrack only, leaving the acting to the talent. But I guess, if you are the star, you get to pull the strings!

  • henry williams says:

    very well done.

  • Haeseong KIM says:

    Although in puppet, it was a great pleasure listening to Jonas Kaufman’s voice singing Christmas Carol as I’m a great fan of his. Thank you

  • Diane Valerie says:

    What’s a vurrgin? Just askin’.

  • Jackyt says:

    “Silent nigh…
    Shepherds first saw the sigh”
    Umm, not sure this was a good idea.

  • Maria says:

    God spare us all from this poor American imitation of Bing Crosby!

  • Anonymous Bosch says:

    How many singers are similarly guilty? Chances are they are butchering any language other than their mother tongue. I recall a Grace Bumbry “Salome” in which she basically made stuff up as she went on.

    My personal favourite is probably Renata Scotto, at Beverly Sills’ farewell gala, singing “ZAAAHM-vehr ou-fer da rein-bou.”

    I recall reading that Caruso never learned the text to “The Star-Spangled Banner” and had it written down phonetically.

    • Aria da capo says:

      “O-O-I-ridice” by Kirsten Flagstad (as heard on a recording, I was born long after she died).

    • henry williams says:

      the best is parvrotti. iam dreaming of a white
      christmouse. they played this in hmv christmas time

    • Diane Valerie says:

      Sometimes they even manage to butcher their mother tongue. Mesdames Sutherland and Te Kanawa may have sounded glorious but they were unintelligible in all languages, including their native Antipodean English. I do wonder if diction is still taught in conservatories. Listen to modern French singers (Alagna is a lucky exception) and compare them to singers of the past like Georges Thill and Alain Vanzo and hear the difference.

  • Joe Pearce says:

    What’s everybody so upset about? About half of the star opera singers of the past 70 years have made Christmas albums (Tebaldi, Te Kanawa, Scotto, Lanza, Tozzi, etc.) and practically every legit pop singer (except Shirley Bassey) has done the same. What’s the problem?

    • Maria says:

      The fact that this one is just SO awful and tasteless, mangled American English, and we’re all supposed to bow down in adoration! That’s why! Enough to turn away the intelligent and insult the Almighty!