Notre Dame will celebrate Christmas with a hired organ

Work progresses on restoring the fire-damaged Paris Cathedral.

The latest information is that Christmas will not be cancelled.

The choir will sing on Christmas Eve – 20 singers, safely distanced – and an organ will be rented from a donor bank.

The conductor will be Henri Chalet, with soloists soprano Julie Fuchs and cellist Gautier Capuçon




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    • And good portative organs sound well, too, Patricia!
      Bravo to everyone involved.
      And bravo to the safe social distancing.
      Vive Notre Dame!

  • Is the concert is safer due to better ventilation as a result of the fire damage? I am not sarcastic, only observing a sliver lining between two tragedies.

  • That’s interesting. I thought they couldn’t allow anybody in there yet. I thought there were plenty of questions about the stability of the vaulted ceilings (?). Anyway, I suppose this is good news.

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