Most-read Slipped Disc stories of 2020

Most-read Slipped Disc stories of 2020


norman lebrecht

December 24, 2020

In a record year, where we logged almost quarter of a million readers in a single day (March 23 Google Analytics: 236,680 readers) – and again the next day – visitors to Slipped Disc were preoccupied by the Coronavirus pandemic and its effects on musical life.

These were the top stories:

1 Orchestra play Beethoven 9th from their homes – 725,920 readers

2 Virologist’s advice on Coronavirus – 145, 347 readers

3 Andrea Bocelli and daughter break 3 million – 91,972 readers

4 Famed pianist sees her piano smashed to pieces – 85,025

5 Concertgebouw chorus is devastated after Bach Passion – 50,859



  • Sorry Norman it seems that miss Wang is not there.

  • sam says:

    It heartens me that classical music fans come to this site for covid medical advice.

  • Chicagorat says:

    #3 will cause Maestro Riccardo (the evil one) to go beserk, if only he could read this blog. According to him Bocelli is “not a singer”.

    Bocelli was enough of a singer according to Pavarotti. And he is more of a singer than the half voices that the Divine Maestro keeps bringing over here year after year, to educate the ignorant masses in the ways of true culture.

    • Petros Linardos says:

      If we want to validate our personal opinions by seeking out authoritative quotes, I’d rather dig out Thomas Quasthoff’s:

      “Andrea Bocelli is not an opera singer,” he proclaims, “and I cannot understand why Pavarotti should have called him ‘my successor’. What is that? Where are we living? Where is the quality? Why are big conductors making records with this guy? I am a teacher, and I know how hard it is to learn classical singing. He is not a classical artist.”